Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Thursday Katie offered to keep the kids until bed time so that Doovin and I could go on a date. She is such a doll. I just love her. She is all for service and I don't think she even realizes how amazing she is at it. Plus she makes homemade bread. What a woman. Anyway, so we got to go on a date really quick to dinner and then to Deseret Book to have a look. There is a painting there that I really want, but it is a little pricey so we will see if I can get it someday. Well come to think of it there is a ton of stuff there that I want. It would be nice to be able to get everything there that I ever wanted.

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The Thompson Family said...

Ashley, I know the people who do these pictures. They are from my ward... they sell them at Boutique shows and such... I think they were like $200 at the show... but they are nice. They had one of Jesus that I really liked... but I didn't have $50 to buy it.