Monday, June 4, 2012

Trae Trae

As Traegan rounded the 4 month mark, his colic and reflux vanished, and he changed a ton! It is the best ever and we are even more obsessed with him than we were before. We have heard him giggle a little here and there, and he has begun to interact so much with anyone who is interested. I still get the "He is so serious" remarks from strangers every now and then, but honestly I think without those dang tummy aches, he is happier always! We are still trying to sort out a few little digestion issues, but he eats like a champ, he sleeps like a champ, through the night following last weeks training camp, and started eating baby cereal which he cannot ever seem to get enough of. Good grief this kid is huge! I can hardly believe that Braden was bigger than Traegan so far at every age because Traegan just seems like the chunkiest kid ever!!

 "You think my cheeks are full of food? Well they aren't!! And yea this is a girls bib."

I Did It!!

Truth! I learned to French Braid my own hair finally. It took me a few tries, and I'm no Pro, but I can do it. I'm actually really proud of myself. It is just one of those things that really bugged me since I couldn't do it. So cross that one off my list. In other news, my 5 favorite things journal is proving to be a huge success. I really feel like I was inspired to start doing that. Some days it is really simple, other days, it is more like an actual journal entry where I am taking note of things. Between blogging and that, I'd say I am doing alright. I have been tremendously blessed lately and have really recognized the difference that the little things make. The easy things like saying my prayers, reading my scriptures, focusing during the Sacrament, and attending the temple, have recently strengthened me and renewed my faith and love for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and my Father in Heaven.

Braden and Gramp

Braden loves Grandpa McFadyen. Whenever we stop by during the day, Braden goes up to Grandpas in home office to pay a visit to his "Gramp". Recently Braden has been really interested in helping do whatever is going on with Grandpa, whether it be car repair, yard work, or housework. Braden isn't a big help, but Grandpa is such a sport and lets Braden help as much as he can stand.


Braden thinks Davis, CA is a pretty cool place. That is where Uncle Chad was living for the past 8 months. We had only been to visit him there one time, and we only stayed for lunch. So before Chad moved back to Utah for the summer, we all spent an afternoon just hanging around town. It was really awesome. I am actually excited for him to come back and start school again. He won't be living in Davis anymore, but we did a few really fun things while we were there. We walked around the Arboretum on campus for an hour or so, it was smoking hot outside, and Traegan was hungry, needed a change, and a nap, otherwise we could have spent hours just traveling the pathways there. We also went to the "monkey park" as Braden so named it. It was pretty cool, except Traegan was hungry while we were there and there wasn't anywhere to sit so I was looking forward to leaving for the most part. Chad told us he and some friends played tag on this big spiderweb thing there and that it was really fun. Maybe this summer for our reunion we can drive 6 hours both ways to try it out? We also stopped and played at a park with the most insane unsupervised cement slide I have ever seen. It was about 8 feet across and maybe 30 feet long and fast as heck. We had a blast there. I wonder how many people have gotten hurt on that bad boy. I don't know why I didn't think to take a shot of the entire slide.

I tried to get Braden to go down holding my hand on his own cardboard, and I picked the fastest piece there was because I went flying down and couldn't even pull him along.
 Chad is a great sport for Braden. This was an episode of their adventures together looking for sharks in my parents house.
 Braden and Traegan are pretty lucky boys to have these uncles and aunts who all adore them almost as much as their Mommy and Daddy do.

Fathers and Sons

Braden finally got to go camping with Dad at our ward Fathers and Sons campout. Braden had a heck of a time being a ruffian with his buds and was so excited about camping when they got home. We have talked about going again every weekend since then, because Braden is such an outdoorsman. They got to camp at the best campground I've ever heard of. 10 minutes from home on the property of a family in our ward. I am actually hoping that they will let us camp a time or two this summer. It definitely sounds ideal with Traegan.

 Braden loved sleeping in a sleeping bag. We haven't taken him camping since he was a crib sleeper at the beginning of last summer so I was a little worried he would be hard to get to bed, but Devin said he did great. We are going to have to get Braden a sleeping bag of his very own!
 The boys did a little fishing. Braden might tell you he caught a fish or two, but....
Whose kid is that running around with flip flops and no shirt on? Oh that is just the Christensen kid. Yeah it must be a Christensen thing because a few of Bradens cousins are the exact same way. I can't wait until next months Fathers and Sons, a new tradition that I am starting in my family of Dad taking the kiddos camping at least twice a summer. Its going to be my their favorite tradition ever!!