Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas. It was so fun being here at my parents house already and just being able to wake up and all be together. My brother Trent woke us all up at 7:15 when he called from his mission in Houston Texas, so we had to go wake Braden up in order to get Christmas started, since he had already gone back down for his morning nap. We had a huge surprise for my mom, and it couldnt have gone better. We had zero surprises for each other, but were both thrilled with what we got. :) Braden got a billion presents, and of course enjoyed the ribbons and wrappings the most. We felt the spirit of our Savior and enjoyed this Christmas season.
The Annual Christmas Jammie pic.This yea,r ALL BYU ALL THE TIME

Who needs toys when you can eat the box instead?

Oh never mind my presents because I can play with this ribbon.

Braden gripping his new BYU football in his sweet jammies made by Grammy.

Give Thanks

We got to take a trip down to Fresno for Thanksgiving to Fresno to meet with the Gonzos and the Bairds. We had such a fun time. When Braden met Kalem for the first time it was the funniest thing Chelise has ever seen and Braden could not have been happier with his cousins. Chelisey and I got to go running twice, once without any babies. We went to see NEW MOON!! Chelise and I got all giddy over it in the back seat of the car on the way home, while the boys made fun of all the girls who get all giddy about Jacob and Edward, and in case you were wondering I am not on Team Edward or Team Jacob because I am the #1 fan of TEAM DEVIN!!! oh yeah!! We ate too much delicious food including a thanksgiving feast fit for a king. We played a thousand hilrious games with El Presidente and couldnt get enough of the laughter we have with each other. We decorated the mission home for Christmas. Chelise and I did an awesome craft. We got to do some Black Friday shopping. We did a photo shoot with Braden and Pax. We even got to have a magic show finale!! It was the best thanksgiving money could buy!

Mewwy Chwismas

Our good friends invited us to their annual Christmas party. We were of course honored, and Devin was especially thrilled when he learned that we would have to dress up. We took a trip to DI where Devin found a lovely red womens blazer with matching cumber bun. He looked stunning. As for me, I hot glued about 40 poinsettias onto the front of my shirt. Also stunning. We had a great time and loved laughing at the hilarious things people had showed up wearing. Thanks Dave and Ashley!

The always lovely Janell and I posing in our Holiday garb....mind you her shoes have christmas trees on them and she is wearing parachute pants and if her jacket is pulled down it looks as though she is wearing a one piece suit. FABULOUS!!

From the left: The Henries, The Christensens, The Jones'


Braden is, unfortunately for us, an early riser. Devin and I are not really morning people. Our mornings usually end up looking like this....
Braden lies in between us, trying to get our attention, pulling our noses, and my hair with his bottle dripping all over our bed because we have both fallen back to sleep. Will we ever get used to our 6:30am wake up call?

So Long, Farewell

Today, we bid farewell to our 2009 Primary class at church. We taught the 10 year olds, and could not have asked for a better class. We loved this group and are going to miss them, especially when we move on to a gigantic class in 2010, which we are also excited for. Today was an emotional day and we all cried, even the tough boys. They asked if we could have a week long sleepover party and were wondering if they will ever see us again, even though we will still be going to church together. One of the girls even told me that she thought of me as her mom. A little strange, but still so sweet. We will miss these kiddos.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Backpacking on Labor Day

So I told Dev that he was supposed to do this post. He did not. I dont know if I will ever get him to blog. I guess its just not his thing. So I will just throw down a few pics because they had a great time. Every labor day, my brothers, Dad, Uncle and Dev go backpacking to cool places like the Ansel Adams Wilderness, and Zions with no girls allowed. Whatever. Anyway......