Friday, January 7, 2011


What is it about Ketchup that will make a child eat anything? ANYTHING!! If there is something I really want B to eat, I just put some ketchup on it and its instantly gone. I don't understand. Maybe its because I don't love Ketchup. Before Braden came along BBQ sauce was the most used condiment in our home. But thanks to Braden Ketchup is making a comeback. There's something about Ketchup.

Anyway, this post is really about "catch up". I have a million things to blog about. Of course I broke my camera right before Christmas. Sad day. So I have to get a disc of pictures from Christmas off my father in laws camera. So Christmas might be a while. But in the meantime, enjoy some other things that have been waiting around to be blogged about. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Disneyland December '10

At the beginning of December we got to take Trent with us to Disneyland. It was so much fun, despite the horrific crowds, and the quick trip. We spent one day at Disney and California Adventure and spent a load of time in the car trying to get to the American Doll Store to get some Christmas gifts. Went once, dont need to go back kind of experience. Anyway, we had such a great time at Disneyland. Disney at Christmas really is amazing. I couldnt believe how much it was decorated. I was very impressed that they played religious christmas music. Silent Night, Away in A Manger, etc. It just reminded me of how much I love Disneyland, and what Christmas really means. It was Bradens third time and it seems like he finally gets it. He said "Yeehaw" and "Whee" a lot during the rides. I am dying to take him again this month because I think he will love it even more! Such a cool kid. Unfortunately I was horrible about taking pictures since we were dashing from ride to ride hoping to ride everything Trent wanted two or three times. It worked, but no pics to show for it. Oh well. Thanks for escorting us Trenter!!

Its super hard to see, but Braden is full on smiling during King Tritons Carousel ride at California Adventure. They rode it a few times while I waited in line for Toy Story Mania for 50 minutes. Longest line I have ever waited in at Disneyland. NO JOKE! It was worth it though that ride was so much fun!

By the end of the night at 10:00 we were so tired and had zombie eyes. We had gotten into our hotel at 1:00am the night before and of course Braden was awake when we got there, so he and I left early and Trent and Dev stayed until 12am. CRAZIES! I couldnt wait to get back and go to bed!

Best Buds

Chelise (my neighbor and SIL) and I have been waiting for the day that Braden would learn how to play. In between Thanksgiving and Christmas, he figured it out. His cousins have become his best buds. They run all over the house screaming and growling and making boy noises (pow, bam, pop, etc) and laugh like crazy at each other. It is the cutest thing ever. After 10 months of being neighbors our boys are finally friends, just before Eric and Chelise will leave us in February. (tears). So here's to the buds who get to be together forever. Lucky guys!

And for good measure, I asked the boys to look at me and smile and this is what I got. Kalem smile made me laugh so hard. Silly boys. Pretty sure they were watching Finding Nemo.