Friday, August 27, 2010

Lake Hikes

We love Folsom Lake. In most parts of it, it is not very beautiful and is pretty muddy and nasty, without a boat its kinda lame, but we love it just the same. Especially when we can hike around and enjoy the beauty of the earth. When Lo was here visiting Braden and I chaperoned a hike with her and her pals. We had a great time and Braden loved spending time with all the ladies. We took another trip a few days later for a little skimming and swimming. It didnt turn out the best, we picked a bad spot, but we still had a good time with Braden Raden providing our entertainment.

If Braden didnt sort of know how to swim, I think he would drowned himself out of sheer bravery. This kid has no fear when it comes to the water. Yikes!!

The sis, me, and Boo

Braden enjoyed a little mud bathing after our hike to Avery's pond.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


A few weeks ago, we went to LA to hit up Disneyland and the beach with my family. We had a fabulously exhausting time. Braden loved the beach. It was so fun!! There will be more to come on that whenever I get the pics from my sis. Yay for sisters.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Should We?

So I think after all of these chinese comments that have begun to overtake us that maybe it is time to make our blog private. What do you think? If you have a private blog, does it seem to be going well? If you dont do you just hate the idea? Any ideas other than making this thing private?

Sunday, August 1, 2010


We went on a 2 week hiatus from life. It was a grand ol' time. We drove to Rexburg, 14hrs, something I never want to do again, although I know we will, then spent a few days in Provo before we came back home. We had a lovely time creating lasting memories with our family at the Christensen Rendezvous. :) Loved it. I even got to spend a little lunch date with McCall at Mill Hollow. Our trip was the best. Oh how we miss thee Idaho, you will never be forgotten!
Braden wasnt too sure about the PB&J I gave him from "Lunch in the Park", even though he eats it at home all the time. I guess he knew it was free for me so he thought he would rather spit it all out and then eat something we had paid for. Go figure. Bathtime was so much fun with all these little ones to play together. I dont think Braden ever had to take a bath by himself the entire time we were in Idaho. It was so much fun!He was unamused by the carosel ride that Chenae paid $1 for him to ride. I thought he would love it for sure, but he just seemed to be confused and bored the whole time, and maybe a little dizzy. Or was that just me?It was so dreamy finally having all these little boy cousins all together. It had been three years since we'd had a reunion, and half the boys weren't even born then. They had such a blast following each other all over the place and getting into trouble.As usual, Pax and Braden followed each other everywhere and went straight for the electronics.Check out the legs on this one. This was Devins costume of choice for the variety show!! Woohoo!!Pax was not to excited about the Big Judd burger we ordered him, although we knew he could handle it.While in Provo, we got to stay with Katie and Brady. Braden and Marshall got along great and we had fun watching them interact with each other. Marshall was so cute and it was so much fun to see them!

Braden also got to meet "Uncle Rick", Devins roommate from college, for the first time. Rick was often our chaperone on dates and was one of the first ones to know when I was pregnant! Braden was fascinated by the hair on Ricks face. Rick always gets his 5 o' clock shadow about an hour after he shaves and Devin struggles to grow facial hair so that was all new to him. It was so funny! He kept touching and rubbing Ricks face and just staring! So cute!!

Another Haircute!! And yes it was a haircute!!

So haircut #4 happened in the sink. And was it ever a success. And yes I do keep track of the number of haircuts this one has had because I have never heard of a 1 year old already having had this many. Look how dang cute this guy is!! I think he is on the 6 week plan just like the rest of us, although it has already been 9 weeks and its looking shaggy again. Should I just let him grow it out for a while? I think he would look so so darling!