Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Well folks my man was at it again, just improving our house 1 spray can at a time. As some of you may know when we moved into our house, we were blessed with brown appliances. They weren't brown because they were built into the cupboards. They were just brown. I mean you really can't even imagine what they looked like. I have no clue how old they are really. But I will tell you that the interior glass shelving has wheat painted on to accent and decorate. Beautiful right? So anyway, we talked about getting to appliances in order to update, but Dev, the genius, knew he could paint them and update the kitchen instantly for maybe $50 instead of the $100's we would have spent on new appliances. We are so lucky that all of the appliances work (except for the oven when I try to make bread, but maybe it is me and not actually the oven) and now they look just incredible and our kitchen looks like it got a facelift. AWESOME!!! Also I just wanted to show a pic of my first cookies that actually turned out deliciously. I am so excited. I have tried to make cookies several times, but have never really gotten it right. But this time it really worked out and I was so excited to share them with our friends and neighbors for family home evening! I actually made a ton of them so we were able to share with a lot of people. It was the best! Oh and in case you were wondering, we do have pink kitchen countertops. We will be donating them to anyone who wants them when we get a new counter so let us know ASAP cuz we will have a long waiting list.


Marc and Stacy said...

They look really good...I would never have guessed they are spray painted.

Heber and Chalonn said...

Who would have thought that you could spray paint...that brings a whole new light on things...I'm getting ideas cool!