Wednesday, January 14, 2009

90 Minute Update

So I had a lot to blog about these past few days so make sure you read all of the new posts. XOXO.

"He always waves at the gate. Its tradition."

We are a family of traditions. At Christmas, birthdays, holidays, weddings etc. The Christensen's love traditions. Our family is no exception. We just found out that we get to have a LITTLE BOY as our first child! We are so excited(especially Devin. He was nervous thinking about having a little girl. ha ha)!!! It feels so great to finally know the identity of our little one. Knowing what we are having has made it seem like he will be coming so soon. The ultrasound was so much fun and we were so relieved to see that he is healthy and so far growing ahead of schedule. We had a few worries that were related to my seizure medication, but discovered that all was well and from what they can tell, he is perfect!! It was so fun to watch how excited Devin was during the ultrasound because to him the baby has just been the little seahorse on our fridge, but now it is his son. It is amazing how quickly they grow in there. We were just so thrilled upon hearing the news and it just seems so funny to us and to all of Devins family how much of a tradition having a boy first really is. We are so excited to welcome our baby boy into the world this summer!!! Thank you to everyone for your support and love and guessing!!

Maternity Moments

So "they" say that you will have lapses of memory loss, loss of balance, loss of cordination etc. etc. etc. "They" arent lying. I have ran into walls that I walk to close to, dropped things at work, and today, started bawling because I thought I had lost my wedding ring. I took it off and put it on the nightstand. Yeah I am pregnant.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What the Pregnant!!!

Well it is finally obvious to the world that my belly isnt fat and that there is actually a baby inside. I think the child grew overnight because suddenly I look pregnant all the time instead of just sometimes. It is so fun. I love looking down and seeing this little thing growing inside of me. I am actually needing to break down and get myself going with maternity clothes. Now that I am actually showing, and it is pretty obvious that I am pregnant, I have noticed that people are particularly kind and friendly to me. I have a few examples.
EX 1: I was at Old Navy buying some clothes and a lady I have never seen just walked up to me and said "ohhh!! Congratulations!" She then proceeded to tell me her whole life story and then told me that she never knew pregnant women could look cute in a white shirt. It was so strange.
EX 2: At work, usually people want to hurry and get through the check out process and go on their merry way. These past few days that I have been looking pregnant, more people than ever before have talked to me about my due date, the gender, their kids and pregnancys, doctors, child birth, you name it.
EX 3: I was shopping with my sister and feeling really poopy. Where she was trying on jeans, in the dressing room was a long and soft bench. I asked a girl if I could just lay down on the bench. She said yes. A few minutes later, a guy came over and told me that only 1 person was allowed in the fitting room at a time. He then noticed that I was pregnant and laying their all sick on the bench and he said "Oh my gosh are you feeling okay? If there is anything we can do, let us know!" Then when we were leaving he just kept telling me how exciting it was that I was having a baby and how he wanted me to feel better.
These are just a few of my experiences, but there have been many other similar experiences just in the last few days. Oh and the best part was at church, every woman there wanted to look at my tummy and touch it and talk about it.
Why are people drawn to pregnant women?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Whats "IT" Gonna Be?

We just want to take a little poll. This baby has been cooking for 19 weeks and we are just a bit curious to see what we are going to be getting in just a few short months!! Oh yeah if you didnt know, we are having a baby come June 6. We are super duper excited. Anyway, what do you think we are going to have une chico or una chica? Please share. We want to get a response from everyone so that we can have it in our babies scrapbook. For those of you dont know, statistically we have a .15 chance of having a girl (all of the 6 siblings who have children on Devins side have all had a boy first) so choose wisely!! Happy guessing!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Its All Better

Dont ask me what happened before and how it suddenly was fixed/normal again, but its all better now. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Blogging will resume as usual.