Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Easter in the snow came and went. It was quiet and my usual traditions were not included with the day, but still we were able to have a lovely day. We were asked to speak in church and were able to speak on the Resurrection. It gave us a great chance to focus on the whole reason we celebrate Easter and the wonderful blessing of our Saviors life and death. How blessed we are to know that He lives and that through him we might live again. Devin gave an amazing talk on the promises that have been made to us through our Saviors resurrection. He was amazing and we got many compliments on our talks. It was a very proud moment for me. I had dreamt of being married and speaking in church for some time. :) ha ha. Anyway, so we were able to get up early to wrap up our talks and get ready and we sat at the table watching the sun rise. Then in the evening we got to go to Aaron and Michelles for dinner and then to color eggs and have our usual fun with their family. It is fun to see the traditions that our seperate families have and to think of how we might incorporate them into our own family. FUN!! Sorry about all the posts, I have kept forgetting and wanted to get a few done before we have a bunch going on in April. Enjoy and keep reading on for more updates! XOXO!

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Marc and Stacy said...

It's nice that you guys have his family close by to spend time with. It's definitly fun to see the other sides traditions, but make sure that you and Devin find which ones are important for you, and do those for your family! :)

Ashley and Mikkel said...

Ashley hey it is Ashley knipe well now it is Ashley Chadburn! wow i can't believe i found your blog! lizzy is the one i have to give credit for! well i am new to the whole blogging thing, please don't judge me! but i am pumped and ready to blog my guts out! your pics are so cute! where are you living? we are living in Draper currently. it was so good to see what you have been up to!! remember earl cotonuts? maybe not it was in 8th grade. well please add me and i will add you to my list! i hope to hear from you soon!