Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picture Time

Braden will be 1 in about 6 weeks. Yup my baby boy is almost one. Makes me sick to my stomach!! I cant believe how fast the time has gone. I am getting dizzy just thinking about it. Anyway, that means that it is time to get his pics taken by a professional, not by me in my semi pro way, and we need to take some formal family pics. Any ideas of great photographers in the area who wont cost me an entire car payment would be most helpful. Let me know! :) Who takes your family photos?

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Boy After My Own Taste

This morning while I was getting some things done, I put Braden down in my room, and found him a couple minutes later just enjoying my taste in shoes. Gotta love this boy!!

Check out Bradens chompers!! And there are more on their way!!
Daddy put a raisin strategically up Bradens nose and it didnt even phase him. Ha Ha.


Our cute neighbors upstairs, Jamie and Jeremy, have the cutest dog Charlie. Charlie and Braden love each other and both get so hyper when they get to play with each other. Braden loves dogs, and Daddy hopes to get him one some day. :)

Happy Valentines Day

Look what my sweetheart got me for Valentines Day!!! A BOB REVOLUTION!! Valentines Day came and I got the promise, and then in March I got the real thing. I must say that I love it more than anything. And while Devin made me part with my other travel system, I was happy to say goodbye as soon as I got this machine in my hands. It really is the best. It is so light and so easy to run with, and Braden loves it as much as the other stroller. :) And dont worry, Braden got a new big boy car seat to make up for the one we sold. He was getting to big to haul around in that thing. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mr. Conductor

We got Boo these SWEET overalls when I was pregnant at Devs favorite store....DI. We have actually found an occasional must have, obviously based upon the looks of these babies. So being a size 18m, we assumed they would fit our sweet baby this summer. Obviously not. Devin could barely snap the crotch, and the straps are let out as far as they can go. Bummer right? Imagine the hilarity of seeing this little toehead walking around in these Daisy Duke overalls. Although it was not shorts weather I decided that I needed a pic of him sporting the coveted train conductor overalls. He looked great and I wish he was short enough for them. His chubby knees in shorts are one of my new favorite things about him! Love this guy.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bath Time

I dont give Braden bubble baths very often, but it seemed like a fun idea once. He loved the bubbles, and ate as many as he could. Bath time never seems to go as well anymore now that he can stand up. I used to let him play in the tub while I did my hair, but now he wont sit down for more than 2 minutes and it makes me nervous when he stands up since the bath is slippery. But look how cute these little buns are. Am I really posting a pic of my babies buns on the internet?! HA HA!!

Date Afternoon

This is Braden and his lady friend Rozzi. She is darling, and since I love talking with her Momma, Rozzi and Braden get to spend some quality time together too. He sure likes her and they are both such good little babies whenever we get them together!! We love play dates with the Wellmans!

He's a Beauty and A Beast

Well well well. Braden is 10 1/2 months. I can hardly believe that in like 6 weeks he will be one. Or can I believe it? Its hard to say. Anyway, he is a riot and makes me laugh all day. Even when he cries I laugh because he does this whiney cry thing where he throws his head down and gets all pouty. He is hilarious. I cannot believe how much he is learning. He is so smartAnyway, I have several videos of him that I would like to post, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get them off of my camera. Braden is almost walking and is crawling, scooting, and getting into anything that is near the furniture he uses to walk. He is all over the place and into everything. For some reason he is very drawn to the bathroom, and of course the toilet. Disgusting. He hasnt put his hand in yet, or figured out how to get the lid up. I have finally started putting shoes on him, considering he is wearing out his socks. He thinks shoes are fascinating, and wont stand up after I put them on him because he wants to touch and look at his shoes. Braden recently got his third haircut. It breaks my heart everytime, but he looks so handsome with his short hair This is a picture of him right before we cut his hair. It was so so long. I am thinking that I am going to grow it out this time until the end of the summer when I get my hair cut short again. He is fat as ever, and I think getting fatter. We got him a new highchair, and he gets all sorts of food and slobber stuck within the rolls of his neck and belly, if he is without a bib. Isnt he the stinking cutest kid ever?! We sure think so!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

We Are Alive

Yes indeed. We made it through this week. I have been deathly ill and have remained in bed for the majority of the last 4 days, but Braden and Devin are still alive and we are now in recovery mode. Yahoo!! We are doing great and are so happy in our new home. Braden is growing up to be such a big boy and I can hardly believe all that he can do. He is such a smart little boy and I cant wait to see the kind of kid he turns into. This is going to be a long chain of posts in order to update on the events of the past 6 weeks so buckle your seat belt.

Our Cute Class

Since moving, we really miss teaching these crazies every Sunday. It was a wild two hours, but oh so fun. Each kid brought something wonderful to our Sundays and we will miss them dearly. Love you kiddos. Guess who were the three crazies in the class just by their "silly" pose.

A Hiking We Will Go

Missing from picture is GiGi, Cherise, Kaleb, and Paston, but dont worry Dennis is in the background like a Dingo jumping all over the rocks.

My sibs came to town from ol Provo a few weekends back and we had a blast. We took a hike to Hidden Falls, where else do we go hiking? And had a wonderful time, although it was HOT!!! and we were not prepared for heat. Lauren looked smashing as always, in her hiking boots, shorts and tye-dyed shirt, all an accident of course, and we laughed the day away. Braden loves his auntie and uncle who come to visit from afar, although Braden never can figure out why Chad is always laughing around him. LoL. Cute little man. We love you Chadder and LO.

Chadrack carried Braygan the entire way!! Whoa man!

Warren and I in all our hiking glory!!Does Braden need a haircut?
As a side note, Chalonn came to visit us the weekend prior, but naturally we did nothing to document our adventures then. We had a lovely time resting, shopping, eating, hot tubbing etc. It was so lovely. We sure missed her when she left us to go back to Seattle and back to life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Braden and I came home from an errand one day to see this in the backyard. It was quite exciting and we enjoyed feeling the spray on our faces in the hot February sun. :) What an adventure. We just stood outside for about a half hour watching the crew try to figure out what to do and watching this giant river that the street had turned into. The fountain started out gigantically, but by the time I decided to go get my camera, it had dwindled, but was still huge!!