Saturday, February 18, 2012


These cute boys are already forging a friendship to last a lifetime. Or at least Braden is. Traegan tenses up every time Braden touches him, but that will pass. Right? I want these guys to be best friends to the max and I hope that if I encourage them, it will happen. Braden loves his broski so much , and under the right conditions, Traegan l-l-l-loves Braden too. :)
A little before bedtime snuggle in Bradens awesome Big Boy bed. Finally Bradens room has furniture and almost looks the way a normal bedroom should. Its come little by little, and free or almost free piece by piece, but we are doing it!! Yay!
Check out these dapper men that I get to take to church with me. My grandma knit these darling vests for the boys and all the ladies at church were squealing with delight over how cute they looked!
More snuggle time for the munchkins! Love them!


As is evidenced in all of these pics, Braden has some pretty cool friends. All thanks to me of course. The awesome thing about my social life right now is Bradens friends. Pretty much every one of my good friends, has a child within 6 or so months of Braden and that makes it really easy for me to get together with my friends. I LOVE IT! That leads me to wonder, when do kids start making their own friends? I mean Braden will be friends with these kiddos forever, unless their parents decide to move, but when will ask me to play with some random kid whose parents I have never met? A few of my Mom friends are even pregnant and will have another round of kids to be Traegans buds. How exciting for me!! Love Bradens friends, Love their Moms even more!! We both have some pretty awesome friends!
Braden, Rozzi, Ryder
Braden 2 yrs 8mo, Tessa 2yrs 11mo, Taylor 5, an exception to the age rule,
but these boys love playing together
Braden and Matthew, yep shirtless in January, Oh California
Braden, Zackary, 4 mo apart

Oh Man

So Ive missed a few weeks of blogging. It really is my goal to post once a week, but life is so much busier with two. I am beginning to adjust and instead of being a half hour late to everything, I have gotten it down to 10 minutes, or even nearly on time in a few instances. I have started telling myself that I need to be early for one thing or another and then I make it a few seconds early to things. Still, half the time when I want to leave to go somewhere Traegan is hungry, has a leaky diaper, or a blowout. However, I am getting the hang of it, and am super grateful for the amazing weather we have been having that makes it so much easier to leave the house.

In other interesting news, Devin and Braden went for a swim in our bathtub. Which is not a two person jetted tub by any standard. I think it is a little wider than other tubs, but not deeper. The other night for family home evening, we got all ready to go in our swimmers for a trip out to the hot tub. It was a surprise for Braden, but he knew we were going swimming as soon as I put his suit on. Devin ran out to check and see if anyone else was there, and to our dismay discovered that the spa was being repaired in one way or another. Being the wonderful, playful and creative dad that he is, Devin filled up the bathtub, almost to overflowing, and hopped in with Braden for a little playtime. I sat in the bathroom and we laughed and talked while the boys took a "swim". Braden loved it. It was a good time for all!