Friday, April 18, 2008


We have been really lucky to have such consecutively awesome weekends!! Our good friends came up from Utah for the weekend and we went to the Jimmy Eat World and Paramore concert in Pocatello. It was soooo rad. KT, Brady and I had never been to a big concert before so we were all really excited. We decided to just sit up in the stands for the beginning of the show during Paramore to avoid all of the teeny boppers. It was so fun to just sit up in the crowd and hang out and then to be able to go on the floor to watch JEW. The bands were sooo good. I have liked JEW forever, like since I was a little girl in high school. KT and I used to make up our own songs to their tunes. I love them so it was so fun to see them live and like them even more. I felt like a child!! It was wicked!! We were super close to the stage and about got our ears blown out, but it was so much fun! Thanks to KT and Brady for coming up for the weekend right before the big move. We had so much fun with you guys!

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