Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well we did it!! We have officially graduated from college as of 12am last night when final grades were posted. I had the scare of a lifetime this morning when I got an email saying that I was on academic probation, so I thought I must not have passed all of my classes. I was sick to my stomach as I waited for the link to my grades to connect online. As they appeared, my heart skipped a beat. I did better than I have done since 8th grade!! I received a 3.89!! Yahoo!! And raised my cumulative GPA to a 3.65!! I was so pumped to know for sure that I was really done. It was scary waiting, but I did it!! Not to mention that Devin did it too!! He pulled of amazing grades by kicking it into high gear with his stubborn teachers at the end of the semester by showing them that even if they are jerks and horrible teachers, he can still pull off a 95% on their finals and bust out a great grade in their class!! He sure showed them. Devin has the real world skills he needs to succeed and that is what pulled him through in the end. Once his teachers started giving him assignments that really mattered he aced them and did so great!! I am so proud of him for working so hard throughout the semester, even though he had a lot of dates with the library! But now we are so excited for Devin to just have to go to work every day and then to be able to come home at 5 and to do whatever we want!! And maybe I will get a job too!! Ha Ha Mom. No more homework, no more library dates, no more late night projects!! We are done!! YES!! We had a great weekend with my family who came from California to watch us graduate. As we walked into the Hart auditorium hand in hand, the feeling was so awesome. We were one of 54 married couples who were graduating together and boy were we proud. We fell asleep during the speeches, due to the lack of sleep during the week because of the work on the house and our plethora of school projects, but we made it to our graduation "Banquet" at Craigos Pizza in Rexburg, and got to eat lots of pizza and a yummy graduation cake my Mom, the party queen, had gotten us. We also got a lot done on the house while my family was here, and now cannot wait to take a big long break for Christmas while we spend some time in California!!

Hard Hats Required!!!

So the very minute that we moved in, on December 7, we began the demolition of our once hideous interior. The entire house was covered in wallpaper that just had to go in order to make way for textured and painted walls. Then on Dec 10 Devin said to me "Hey we are getting new carpet on Wednesday." Did I mention that it was the week of our finals before we were to graduate on Dec 14? I was not a happy camper. Devin and Aaron were out of control!! What were they thinking doing this to me? They would pay!!

And they did pay!!They had to work really hard to finish the texture on the walls, move all the furniture out of the way, remove all of the nasty old carpet and carpet pad, and get rid of all of the built-in shelves, and flower boxes that we did not want. Michelle and I tried not to laugh too hard as the boys moved the 12 ton hide-a-bed couches out of two of the bedrooms upstairs. I wonder why they left those for us? How nice of them!! They were grunting and groaning like I have never heard. I thought they were both going to die! Throughout the night, I was working on a final project that was due the next day.

But we finally finished at 2:30 in the morning with gray hair and tired boys. Devins Grandpa, and his wife Phyllis, who live next door, never forget to mention when they see our lights on late. They will know our every move!!


Well folks we made it into the house finally!! It is so fun!We love being here and I cannot believe how much we have already gotten done in our first two weeks thanks to Aaron, Devin and my Mom. The boys pushed my buttons during finals week to get new carpet in and paint as much as we could, but I do not regret it one bit. We did it and everything makes the house looks 9,000 times different than it did when we moved in. It is still going to be a long process to get everything done, but now that we have carpet and paint done, the house is just gorgeous!! We are loving it and I honestly will be sad to leave Rexburg in a few years. Don't tell Devin!! Anyway we can't wait for everyone to come visit... seriously. Everyone!!!