Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Am Itchy

And why so you might ask?! Well did you know that we have been looking for a house to purchase for almost 9 months? And did you know that we have been living with my parents for almost 6 months? AND DID YOU KNOW that we have been waiting to hear back on two homes that we have offers on, one for 4.5 months and the other for 2 months? So yes I am itching. Itching for my own space. Itching for home decorating projects. Itching for remodeling. ITCHING ITCHING ITCHING. And it doesnt help the itching when we cant even go outside because there is practically a hurricane here. Honestly. When will the itching stop? But aside from the itching, I have babysitters on call always. My cute sissies come home from school and I get to see them everyday. We have hilarious dinner conversation with things discussed such as "I dont want a wedding ring, I would rather have an American Girl doll." -Sarah (10) We all get to triumph in one anothers accomplishments, and spend more quality time together than we ever imagined was possible, so while I am itching, I am also loving this time that hopefully will never be repeated in my lifetime, unless one day they all move in with us. HA HA HA HA HA.
Just thought I would throw in a pic of my little booga. He is so funny and getting more so every day. And check out those gigantic chompers in his little mouth. Love this kid. And a quick shout out to Mom and Dad C who returned from their mish to Guatemala on Saturday. We cannot wait for their visit next weekend.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Twinsies

On Thursday we got to celebrate my Gran and her twin brothers birthday. We had so much fun with them and enjoyed watching hours of old Sherlock Holmes black and white dvd's and eating home made carrot cakem which as you can see Jimmy was thrilled about. YUM!!! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love is In the Air

So with Valentines Day just around the corner, and me still being inflicted with the ol' craft bug, I turned Rachelles project into my own. Thanks to only having one child, I was able to get this amazing wreath done really quickly. The picture doesnt do it justice. It is so beautiful and I am thrilled with the results and I want to make a few more to add to the beautiful-ness. Yay for crafts and Yay for Rachelle for showing me this beautiful idea. If you want to make one too, the idea came from I found some great hints to make things a bit easier. I just bought 1/3 yd of red felt and 1/3 yd of the maroonish felt. I cut as many circles as I could squeeze onto the felt, which turned out to be about 75 on each piece and I used almost all of them. Instead of cutting a circle to trace, I just traced a cup. It made things go much quicker. It was easy peasy and so fun. Also, if you are interested in making the Christmas pillows, send me an email and I will help you figure that out! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Baby!!

He is 7 months old now. Exciting for him, embarrassing when I think about how I was supposed to have lost all of his weight by now. Oh well. Totally worth every pound right?! So you all know we think Braden is the best, which he is. But lets just do a little re-cap on some current events in Braden Land! Braden loves the shower, but he cant figure out why he can never get the water to stay in his hands. Maybe some day he will give up, but for now its the cutest thing ever watching him grab the stream of water over and over and over and over.

The many faces of Braden Raden. He makes some of the silliest faces! Also, his jumpy seat is his bff. They spend lots of time together while I sew and I cant help but laugh my head off when he is bouncing because he is such a spaz! Love this kid!
Uh how stinking cute is this kid? Now that he is sitting up really well, I decided it was time for him to get a real bath without his whale pal. For the first time ever, he cried when I got him out. I havent done it since, but man did he love it. He splashed water everywhere!!
Check out this nappy hair. Booga was due for haircut #2. Once again, it didnt even phase him. All of his dark hair is gone-zo and he is a full on toe head. Will it last?
Check out the belly on this on! Oh my gosh! Will he ever be able to crawl or will this belly weigh him down forever?! Devin put him on his hands and knees the other day and Braden thought it was pretty funny until he discovered how tiring it was to be that way. Lucky for us though because we are trying to get him to hold out until we move.

The Forgotten Pillows

I did it folks. I made my pillows. I wasnt sure if they were going to make it to this life, or if they would remain wilted 1/4 yds of fabric forever; However, I put the pedal to the metal and whipped out these babies in a mere few days! I finished my set, and even got started on a set for my mom. I am in love with the end result and cant wait to get started on my next lovely project which is already in the works...... Rachelle!! I still have the "give" pillow to make for my mom, and the extra set that I may or may not do, but regardless of what else gets finished, my set is complete and my money was well spent! Yahoo! So while my poor sicky husband is snoring up a storm, and the humidifier is ready to explode like old faithful, I will sit here and rest knowing that my Christmas pillows got done one month too late.... or did they get done eleven months early?! (Note: The lighting is terrible. The colors are red and green, and I didn't stuff the pillows for the sake of saving space in my parents already stuffed to the max garage!)

*Shout out to Ali, Kristi, Heather who are all having baby boys in May and June! Braden is pumped for all his new buddies! Also we cant wait to find out the identity of Baby White who has chosen to remain anonymous for nine months!*

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am a project fanatic. Sometimes it gets a little out of control and I bite off way more than I can chew. I just finished such a project. A homemade, without a pattern, book for my Boo. It turned out darling and I am very happy with the end result, but the journey was so obnoxious. I started the book in October and finished in January. No kidding. It was intended to be a Christmas present, but didnt get finished in time. I didnt secure anything well enough and Braden will probably end up ripping all of it off, but oh well. Right now, he loves it, and especially loves scratching it and putting it in his mouth. Now on to my Christmas pillows that were also supposed to be done in December. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mustache Man

I have a friend who is oddly obsessed with mustaches. I never understood until today... during sacrament meeting.... while Dev was bearing his testimony.... when the RS Pres reaches over and plants this on Braden. I couldn't wait to get home and take a picture! HILARIOUS! I LOVE MUSTACHES!!! Alicia, I wanted to show you at church. I was dying to show you at church. But then I realized that a blog post dedicated to you would be an honor! So hear it is lady! Muah ha ha ha ha! Is this not the best mustache you have ever seen in your entire life? HILARIOUS!!

Once There Was A Snowman

Braden is an early riser and in a three bedroom cabin stuffed with 19 people, that can mean big trouble. So early in the morning on a beautiful day in Tahoe, Braden and I went and explored in the snow. He was fascinated by all of the whiteness and by his new snowsuit. He couldnt figure out where his hands where and tried and tried to get them free. He was such a sweetie but I couldnt get him to look at me. The snow was way more exciting than ol momma! It was before 7am and he and I were the only ones outside, he was just so happy to be out that he smiled at the trees! What a little bumpkin. I love my little hootie bootie.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


We love Tahoe. It all started for us in the summer with hikes, bikes, bathing suits, and bbqs. Our love has since expanded to snow, snow, snow, fires, after ski boots (ha ha ha). Last winter I was prego. No ski hill for me. The two winters before that, I was in Rexy, and skiing in -10 temperatures sounded worse than working in a potato warehouse. So I havent been skiing in like 8 years, and havent been snowboarding in almost 4 so imagine what the scene looked like when I was forced to spend two days at the most breathtaking resort in Tahoe. Picture me rolling, sliding, careening out of control down the mountain a mass of green and black. I have bruises all over my legs; my calves, my hips, my bum, my thighs. EVERYWHERE!! I fell getting off the lift all but two times in the two days we were there. I got my lip zipped up into my jacket and was sobbing off the lift and crashed before I had even stood up. I cant even count how many times I crashed. At least 20 times each run. Poor Devin got me the whole set up for Christmas and I was awful and ready to throw in the towel. Once on the lift a woman told me she had been skiing for 4 days trying to improve, but instead was starting to hate it. I just laughed because I didnt need 4 days to hate snowboarding. I didnt even need one. The first day, I got the wind knocked out of me a few times when somehow I landed flat on my stomach backwards. Really?! I must have been hilarious to watch as I am rolling down the hill with my board rolling over and over with me. FHV worthy I am sure. Where is the video camera when we need it? I hate the dang "easy" runs that are 80% flat and if you arent going fast enough then you have to take a hike whilst all the skiers slide by with their poles to assist. Lucky ducks. Oh and nevermind snowboarding down, I can just slide on my bum because I am terrible at standing up and the hill is so steep that I cant even stop myself when I fall. And when I have to take a little hike because its too flat, and then suddenly its not flat anymore, but I cant tell and then there goes my board down the hill... without me, thats even better. WHOA WHOA WHOA!! Who let me go snowboarding?! But I will say that I finally learned how to carve. And figured out how to keep my left foot in front. It took me an entire day to decide which way I was going to ride. And then another day to figure out how to ride toe-side, but I did it. And I actually had fun for most of Day 2 despite the snow/rain. I cant wait to go again! And the view of the lake was the most gorgeous site to see!! Yay for Tahoe!! Thanks Devy for the sweet get up and the awesome lessons! What a great teacher! Dev had a little bit of a crummy day one too when he woke up with the flu. Poor kid. But he toughed it out and got a little lift sick, but kept truckin and enjoyed himself until we got home that night when he crashed until dinner. By day two, his system had been cleared of whatever junk had been making him sick and he was happy as can be and ready to show me the tricks of the trade. Thank goodness! We had such a fun time on the mountain and cant wait for our next visit. (I gave Dev tickets to another great resort for Christmas so we get to go again)

In addition to the crazy days on the hill, we had so much fun at the cabin with my family and with our friends the Rawlings. The twins and Myles couldnt get enough of "baby Bwaden" and we watched enough of the Hallmark channel and Spongebob to make us crazy. We ate delicious food, played ticket to ride 500 times, and had a wonderful time! WE LOVE TAHOE!!