Sunday, March 28, 2010


So heres the deal. My computer needed to be upgraded so for 3 weeks, I have been waiting. In the mean time I have been sewing, organizing, playing with Boo, running, enjoying the weather, playing with Boo etc. Boo has been sprouting teeth like there is no tomorrow. 5 this month. INSANE!! He is such a dream and I am madly in love with my little man. He is so much fun. He has started scooting all over the place and pulling himself up on everything and has considered being brave and venturing out on his feet all on his own. We have been taking billions of pictures, and loads of video, so get ready for a mega post whenever I get my computer back. BRADEN IS THE BEST!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guess What Y'all?!!

Yeah Yeah Yeah. We did it. We did it. Ok so no we are not expecting nino #2, and no we did not buy our first house as was the plan, but we did move out of my parents house into a place of our own, hence me not blogging forever. I have been so busy with the new home details of painting the entire place, unpacking, organizing, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, decorating, etc. SO SO BUSY... all the while trying to entertain and please my baby who has since moving 10 days ago sprouted three new teeth and gotten a cold. What the?! Yeah so two more bottom teeth and the first top tooth have been causing a racket over here. But we are so happy at our new condo. We moved out of our beloved Rocklin 5th ward and were sad to leave our primary class, but cannot wait for the new adventures that await us in the new part of Rocklin that we moved to. It is closer to Devins work, which is great, and about 300 steps away from Eric and Chelise via the road that passes under the freeway between our apartments. SO Awesome. We love our new place and cannot wait to feel completely settled and get back to our regular lives. XOXO. More blogging to come and pics of our place. :)