Friday, February 19, 2010

The Life and Times of Boo

Just thought I would share the comings and goings in Bradens life for my upcoming blog book. He is rolling all over the place and has taken a few spills here and there, but has come out of his falls with only one injury, seen here.
Braden has started eating human food and is slowly being weened off of formula which is a miracle for our wallets. He is really loving sitting in his high chair and eating along with the rest of the family and I think he is very proud of it too. He will eat anything that gets put in front of him, including crab, spinach, beans, string cheese and of course chicken nuggets, as evidenced by his big round belly. Oh did I mention he loves eating paper and wipes? YUM!! It is so much fun taking him on dates because we can just enjoy ourselves while he eats with us. Just enjoying a little string cheese! Look how grown up he is. SAD!!

He refuses to even attempt crawling, which is annoying and a blessing at the same time. Annoying because he whines and fake cries whenever he wants to move and that gets old really quick, but since there are 8 people in this house who are in love with him, he pretty much gets whatever he wants much to my dismay. Even when I am trying to hold out, he gets it from someone else. A blessing because my moms house isnt baby proof and I am not interested in making it that way. So he can hold out until we move out and then he will be all on his own.He loves standing up and I fear that he will just start walking before he crawls. He is much more interested in being a big boy and I can just leave him holding onto something and he will just stand there talking to himself andsit down when he is tired and ready to do something else, or whine. I have seen him eyeing the couch and thinking hard about the effort it would take him to pull himself up. He is very sensitive and Devins sisters and mom say that Braden reminds them of Dev because he was very sensitive when he was younger. He gets his feelings hurt really easily, which I am hoping will keep him from being a snotty older sibling later. He is cuttin tooth #3 on the top left and I dont even want to think about how grown up he will look with top teeth. He recenlty learned to clap and wave and he steals our hearts every day. Braden has happy feet (hands, and mouth too). He rolls his hands and his feet nonstop when he is happy. It is the cutest thing and I just love it. He also clicks his tongue when he is happy. How he figured that out, I have no idea. He is so cute. He is getting to be so much fun and I love playing with him and talking to him because he is so interactive now. We feel like he is getting so big and is practically a little boy. I am really enjoying him especially when he gets a good nap in! He is the best and we heart him!


We took advantage of free museum day and then got fenaggled into taking 18 kids to the zoo with us. Ok so we took three extras, plus my sisters came and were so helpful and Chelise and the kiddos came too. It was actually a lot of fun, and totally worth the free admission. I am glad to have gotten the Sac Zoo out of our system because it was not worth the $11 adult admission we would have had to pay. But who knows, maybe someday Braden will beg us to go to the zoo and we will give in. It was a little rainy, but we dealt with it and had a ton of fun.
The Whole Gang
Cute Braden had so much fun seeing the animals and was fascinated by the monkeys who screamed just like he does.
Just enjoying a little plastic between the ol chompers.

My favorite animal, the giraffe, was all tucked inside with his buddies, but we did get to sneak a peek at them inside while they were spying and eating. By the end of our trip, Braden was exhausted and fell asleep sitting up. So funny! Notice the huge bandage covering Devs neck? He had a cyst cut out of his neck the day before complete with a few stitches. I am surprised Braden didnt rip that bandage off but instead nuzzled right up to it to sleep. SICK!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Projecto Mundo

I made this darling banner for a friend of mine as a thank you gift. I love how it turned out for the most part and can't wait to make one for me.

They're Here

We are so excited to have Devins older sister Chelise and her family here. Devin is working hard to get jobs for all of his siblings here in Sacramento and he started with Eric who will be working at PCI with Dev. We feel so blessed to have them here and we have had so much fun with them already. I have been so giddy just thinking of all of the fun that Chelise and I can have together....oh and I guess the kids can play together too. Braden and Kalem have particularly enjoyed their daily "salon time" where Kalem has been thrilled to help Braden wash and style and Braden has enjoyed the chatting time. Also, notice what a fatso Braden is. He has fatter arms than Kalem who is 2. LoL. I love my little chunkster.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Visit From Mom and Dad C

We had such a fun time when Devins parents made their way up California to see us. After their mission to Guatemala ended two weeks ago, they have made a trip around the world to see all their siblings and kids. We were the second to last stop and the visit could not have been better. Braden loved being with grandma and grandpa and wouldnt stop giving them a show. He was so good and didnt throw a tantrum the entire 48 hours until we were on our way to the airport. On Friday night when they arrived we took them to one of our fave restaurants, Lucilles Smokehouse. We dont go very often because it is expensive, but whenever we have a special occasion we try to go. We all ate too much and were hardly even hungry for breakfast on Saturday morning. Friday night after dinner, we just visited and had a good time together. Saturday, we made breakfast and then took off on our adventure. We took a drive to Devins office and then up to the temple where we walked around. We then took them to see the houses our offers are pending on, one in Lincoln and one in Rocklin. Then we took them to another favorite eatery, Plutos. Our salads were to die for and I think Mom and I could eat there every day. After that the boys did some shopping for new shoes for Dad, and Mom and I took off to the grocery store to get fixins for bbq chix pizza YUM!!! Saturday night Devin and Dad browsed the internet for property dreaming of a way to get Mom and Dad C to relocate to sunny California. The weather the entire weekend was perfect for everyone even though Mom C was still cold. Devin kept saying that all of the great things that happened were a sign from heaven that they should move here. :) Sunday before church we took a drive and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the hills in another effort to get them to fall in love with Nor Cal. Braden was super cuddly with Grandpa and I think that may have been the icing on the cake. Now we just have to get the rest of the fam here and they will be done for. We had so much fun with them and cant wait to visit with them again. :)