Friday, August 15, 2008

Rocklin Ranch

So we are all moved in and I have gotten everything stowed away and all we have to do is put up pictures and we will be ready to go!! It is so exciting to be settled and we really love our apartment. It is so perfect for what we need right now and we couldn't be happier, well if it was cheaper we would be happy, but we are loving life. We moved everything in last Friday with the help of Katie and Brady, my best friend from HS and her husband. They live about 10 minutes from us for the time being until they go back to Utah for the school year. We will be so sad to see them go. So Friday we moved while my Dad and brothers were away at a Scout encampment and we surprised my Dad with an empty garage when he got home. Then Saturday we went to the farmers market, Denio's, a real gem of Roseville and bought some awesome produce. I would love to make Denio's a Saturday morning habit. Monday Devin went back to work and I started the organizing and un-packing process. It was really not my first choice of what I could do all week. So instead I went swimming every day and worked out everyday and went shopping and enjoyed my beloved home. It was grand. Then finally Thursday, I was fully in the mood to unpack and finished everything. Our guest bedroom and bathroom were chock full of boxes and junk Thursday morning, but by the afternoon everything had been put in its place. I was thrilled and couldn't wait to show Dev what I had done. When he got home we open the storage room door on the patio and found that all 86 of his memory books had crushed the boxes underneath. We did a rescue mission to save the goods under the memory boxes and I will have to find a new place for Deenas life blood to her children. We love the memory boxes and books, but they are heavy as heck. If anyone knows a great way to store them, let me know. Anyway, so the apartment is rarrin' to go and we are having our first sleep over with some of my siblings tonight. Can't wait. Sorry we haven't had pics in a while. I will try to find something worthwhile to photograph. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Place To Call Our Own

It has been fun living for free, eating for free, doing laundry for free and even having two cars, but it seems as though our time is up, and we are embarking on "our" life here in California. We put a 72 hour deposit down on an apartment after we attended the ward in which we would be in. We went to two different wards on Sunday after we found 2 apartments that we really liked. We had a hard time deciding because the rent just seems so insane, but we keep reminding ourselves that Devins paycheck is going to be huge compared to what it used to be and that we can afford it even though it seems insane. The apartment is in Rocklin and will be about a 15-20 minute drive to get to Devins work depending on traffic and lights. We will see if we can make a decision, just wanted to give a quick update.