Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So Monday we were really excited to go to the Nature Park for FHE, but then the wind picked up all crazy like as usual and we told the children we would just stay in. It was only a trick however. Devin put the bikes in the van and picked up some pizza and I took the kids in the Accord blind-folded by their hoodies. (they were facing forward in this picture) It was awesome. They all got a little carsick, but they were excited to see the nature and the bikes. Way to go Ash and Dev!! We were bribing them to be good, but whatever works right? They were all terrified of the ducks which was even more hilarious. I wish I would have gotten it on video. It was great. We had a good family home evening and really enjoyed ourselves.
Hey Michelle its family night better take the phone off the hook!

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Mikkel & Ashley said...

Yay you responded! for a while there i thought you had forgotten all about me. jk. it looks like you have a wonderful life with your hubby! my # is 801-623-9534 my email is ashchadburn@yahoo.com
wow this blogging world has brought me back together with so many lost friends! i miss you and the good times!