Monday, April 27, 2009

5 Weeks!!

This is my future!! With only 5ish weeks left until our little guy arrives, I cant help but be so grateful to know that my Devo is going to be such a great Dad. He loves kids, and does so well with them, especially boys. I dont think we really have any friends who have little girls for him to play with, so I have no clue how that is going to work out, but he is going to be so great with our little guy I cant wait!! Plus I am overdone with being prego.

Oh the JOY!!

This weekend was so dreamy!! We had our first visitors from a far away land (LA) come to stay. We got into our apartment thinking our guest bedroom was going to be used a ton by visitors, and they were our first out of towners eight months later! Eric, Chelise, and Kalem came to visit us and it was so much fun. Thursday, Chelise and I did some shopping and we bbq'd and took a trip to the fountains for some Big Spoon and of course, the fountains. Friday, we drove up to forest hill bridge and the confluence of the rivers and just enjoyed the nice weather and the scenery. Our 40ft hike was more than enough for me and I thought I wasn't going to make it! We went to Lucilles for Devins birthday, and enjoyed an evening to ourselves while my sisters babysat Kalem. Saturday, we took some bikes to the American River trail in Folsom and spent a couple of hours riding bikes and playing near the river. It was beautiful and I cannot believe that we hadn't been there before. I want to go again this weekend! The bike ride was hilarious watching all the looks I kept getting. I guess it is because I am 8.5 months pregnant and looking ripe, but when I got a thumbs up from a guy speeding by on a road bike, I couldn't stop laughing. We then drove up to the temple and walked around for a bit and even saw some deer up there. Saturday night we were all exausted and sunburned, and I still feel like my bum is broken, but it was so much fun I cannot wait to do it all again. This summer, I think we are really going to get bikes and I can't wait. Last summer after our Tahoe bike trip we had ourselves convinced we were getting bikes, but I think this time we are really going to do it. Minus the fact the Devin wants a road bike and a mountain bike! We will see! Oh and just an update, 8 weeks later supposedly Devin is getting the last pin removed from his toe and will be whole again as of Wednesday! I am crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, legs, everything!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just So You Know

Devin loves basketball. As we all know. Last year, it was no big deal and neither of us were that interested in who beat who during the NCAA championship. But I will have you know that this year I complied to Devs request to fill out a bracket and not only did I win first place, in the two groups that I joined, but I got it all right from the final four on. Thank you. Thank you. Of course, they were really just guesses based on things I had heard here and there on ESPN. Too bad the final was so uneventful. We were really hoping for a better game. I am not going to lie, I am starting to enjoy basketball. Yahoo for Devin.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cinnamon Roll Disaster

So Devin really was hoping I would make cinnamon rolls for conference this year. Family tradition style you know? I am not a baker, but really how hard could it be? I had a recipe and I followed the directions exactly. I will tell you how hard it can be. I tried three different recipes. The first recipe did not rise despite the fast acting yeast, and on the second and third I never even made it to the dough stage because the yeast and warm water DID NOT BUBBLE!! Is that even possible? Needless to say, I was frustrated beyond belief and when Devin started trying to make them himself, I had fully given up. Someone please give me cinnamon roll advice and an amazing no fail recipe. PLEASE!! I really want to be able to make them. For my posterity you know? Devin said his moms cinnamon rolls were the only thing that got him excited about the Saturday sessions of conference when he was young. Will my fate be ruined because I cannot bake? I had this dream that cinnamon rolls would be easy and that my family would cheer when they were finished. Instead I was embarressed in front of all of my friends. Oh the pain. Can anyone coach me? What can be done for this helpless baker who can't even mix water and yeast?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Post City!

So what? A few posts never hurt anybody. Plus my neighbors are annoying and somebody keeps cursing and spitting outside. Ewww sick. Among other things that are annoying and gross, our apartment complex seems to be home to millions of pigeons. Gross all on their own, but they have this nook on the neighboring building that I see them going into sometimes and it really grosses me out. Plus they make weird noises and arent the best at flying. Their flights usually last about two seconds. . Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick update on my reading. I have read three of the books and have been thoroughly disappointed with all of them and will not be recommending them to anyone. I am still in search of more books to add to my treasury of books that I love. Someday. In the meantime, I can fascinate myself with the twins that I discovered in an egg I cracked open the other day. I made Devin take a photograph because a picture is worth a thousand words. But honestly, I could write a thousand words about my experience with this twin egg. It was amazing. Is it even possible for an egg with twins inside to hatch? A thought I had never considered since chickens lay egg after egg. But here it is. Proof of the twin egg. And believe me that is not two eggs that got dumped in the same bowl. Would I lie like that? No way. This is serious and true, a twin egg. Who would have thought!! Friends, this is my life.

This Guy!

(The picture to the left is Devins left foot pre-surgery)

For those of you who dont know Devins feet very well, he has had large bunnions on both feet for several years now due to genetics and the rapid rate at which his feet grew as a child. He was told before his mission that he would need surgery, but since they didnt bother him, he put it off. And he put it off and he put it off. They really had only been bothering him after a long night of playing basketball or after a backpacking trip. He basically always wears orthotics in his shoes to help support his feet so he was doing okay. He took a trip to the podiatrist to see what kind of downward progress his little companions had made. All to his horror, he discovered that because he kept waiting, he was developing some arthritis in his toes and that the tendons in his feet were being irreversably damaged. But surgery, come on. One day he made a call to our health insurance company to see how much money we were going to have to throw down for our little munchkins arrival. After hearing that it was basically nothing, he decided to see how much bunnion surgery would cost him. When the dear woman on the line told him the cost, surgery became not an option, but a necessity. We have the best health insurance in the world. If only we had dental insurance to match!! So 4 weeks ago, Devo had foot surgery to remove the bunnion on his left foot and to straighten out his big toe which had been sliding under his neighbor toe. It was every bit as annoying as we expected, times 12,000 because I am pregnant and everything that comes with being so. But, Devin lives on my pace now which has been really fun for me! We have spent hours together just relaxing and resting. Its so dreamy!! Anyway, it has made for some good laughs and some really embarrasing moments for me. Example 1: We decided to take a trip to RC Willey about 5 days post surgery. Devin couldnt get around well and he has a hard time with the ol' crutches, so he allowed me his 8 months pregnant wife to push him around the store. What a sweetie right?! Example 2: We go to Target to register for the remaining things we are desiring for the wee one. Although I have the pregnant walk down and look like a fool, my little Devy surprises me yet again with his little stint in the motorized chair cart thing. How embarrassed I was! To make matters worse, the thing beep beeps when it backs up, takes up the entire isleway, and Devin can barely drive it and manages to crash into me!! What the?!! Now though, I look back and it is just hilarious to me. What a funny husband I have. Such a comedian! Anyway, all is healing nicely and it is just amazing to see Devins foot look normal. Especially in an x-ray. Here are some pics pre-surgery and post surgery. He begged me to put them on here because this has been our life for the past 4 weeks. So if you are faint hearted, dont look closely at the picture. It is the least grotesque of them. When the doctor revealed the foot for the first time a week after the surgery, I was really grossed out. He could tell by my face so he cleaned it up a bit. Thankfully. Can't wait for bunnion#2 to be abolished. (In the photo to the left, notice the beauty of a bunnion on his right foot. Also just for the record, he now has two screws in his big toe where the bunnion was, and still has those two pins holding his toe straight, although the stitches have been removed and we have yet to see what his foot looks like all healed up. Hopefully we will be able to add the picture of his healed foot on Monday as long as his bone has healed where the pins are.)

How I Spend My Time

I have had so much fun making this and that for our little guy. So far I have made two flannel swaddle blankets, a few burp clothes, this shelf/towel rack for his room, and I have a few other ideas that are stewing away in my noggin. Anyway, here are some fun ideas for all the rest of you. Each of these were so easy, minus the blankets. The embroidery took forever. Wouldn't reccomend it unless you have hours of time like I do. :) Making things myself gives me such a sense of fulfillment and helps me feel productive. I have honestly been waiting for ages to be able to make all this cute baby stuff. I cant wait to get the nursery all put together with all of the ideas that we have. PS everyweek JoAnns fabric sends out 40% off coupons and everytime you go to Michaels, you can get a 40% off coupon. Also, check out the clearance sections always if you have any idea for a project you are working on. I got the shelf for 4.99 and the nobs for 1.47 each at Target. Making fun projects is even better when it ends up being cheap!!

30 Weeks.... "Wow you are huge!"

Really?! What person in their right mind thinks it is okay or necessary to tell a pregnant woman that she is huge? I cant even believe how many times I hear this. Trust me people I know that I have a rather large stomach, but give me a break.... I AM PREGNANT!! Just because I am bigger than anyone I know and even people who are due long before me have smaller tummy's than me c'mon. There is a human child inside my stomach and if you have ever seen Devin then it all makes sense right? I am not huge. I just have a big boy inside me. And might I say that I am so in love with him it is amazing. We are at the point now where every movement he makes is visible from the outside. It is amazing. I could just sit and stare at my tummy... at my baby in there... for as long as he is awake. It is so interesting how he already has sleeping patterns. Hopefully we will be able to work on that when he comes into the world. He thinks he is a really funny guy when he gets his little body parts jammed into my ribs and then under my hip at the same time. It gives him a good laugh in there. Anyway, here is a picture of my big boy who just happens to enjoy growing inside of my tummy.