Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FRIDAY: Day 6 and SATURDAY: Day 7 aka The Last Day

Friday was a fun day. When I went to pick the kids up in Hibbard we got to see a few little baby kittens that were just starting to open their eyes. They were so cute! I wanted to put one in my pocket and just leave, but I refrained. I am a grown-up for pete's sake. When we got home we ate yummy TV dinners they were soo delicious! lol. The kids were really excited about them at least and Landon ate more than he had eaten all week long! We got some treats for our movie night and went to the park to have a pinecone war. It was awesome. I think Jacob won. When we got home, I put Landon to bed and we made popcorn and had our own movie theater night to watch ENCHANTED!! Devin was so cute and bought it for me cuz he knew I really wanted it. When I got it I told the kids not to watch it until we babysat so they were really excited to watch it. It was really fun and even though they had heard that it was scary, they really liked it and we had a lot of fun on our Enchanted evening.

Saturday was a very wild and busy day. We spent the morning cleaning and trying to figure out what we were going to do all day. Then Kylee went to a birthday party and the boys went to our house to clean up the yard. Then we packed everyone in the car for a trip to Idaho Falls. I learned a lot of important mommy things on that short trip.

1: Always bring extra clothes for the baby. Landon put his entire arm in ketchup and then wet through his diaper.

2: NEVER take four kids to the mall unless there is a play place and you have a goal in mind and they are interested in going there.

3: Being a mom is hard work, but it is DANG FUN!!

Our time with Ace and Michelles kids ended in a whirlwind and I can't believe that Devin and I were still awake when they got home at 12:15 Saturday night. We loved watching their kids and were so happy that they could go to Guate to visit Mom and Dad C.

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David&Deena said...

And we are so happy that you let Aaron & Michelle come to see us with an easy mind. Thanks for being awesome aunt and uncle. We love you.