Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome Liam!!

We just want to tell Candra and Deej how excited we are for them to bring Liam home. He is the cutest ever and we are so in love and can't wait to meet him at Thanksgiving.

We are also super excited for Ace and Mich to have "Brayden" (ha ha) here sometime in January or maybe if they are extra lucky he will wait until the due date. And excited again for Mat and Chanae to have baby number two on the way and arriving in April. Congrats to all the Christensen babys who were prayed here by Mom and Dad C when they were in Chile, but who all waited until Guatemala to come. :)So many babies!! We love it. That means lots of cousins!! Which sisto will be next?

Too Behind On Postings

I have done about 10 posts in the last two days to cover events that have long since come and gone. Read on and even to go older posts to see what we have been up to. Sorry I have been such a slacker.

Twilight Fever

I am a little behind the times I know. Last fall the girls that sat at my table in one of my classes talked about Twilight all the time. I just listened. But if we sat together now, I could full on be part of the discussion. I missed out. Anyway, I started Twilight in August and finished it in just a few days. Then New Moon in September with just a few days of reading. Now that it is October, I really want to begin Eclipse, but I am reading a few other books right now so I am making myself finish the others before I start devoting my every minute to Eclipse for a few days. Devin used to think it was all really lame, but then he came home from work and asked me if I had seen the trailer for the movie. I hadn't but he told me that I had to watch it because it looks really good. I am thrilled. He really actually wants to see the movie. Lauren and I even got Jordan to watch the trailer and he seems mildly interested as well. That Stephanie Meyers can even ring in the guys. Lucky us!!

Waterfall Hike?

So Devin and I have decided to try to enjoy nature and the amazing weather that fall brings by taking some Saturday hikes, if of course Soccer season will permit. Anyway, Devin needed to break in his new hiking shoes for his backpacking trip so a few weeks ago we set out for some waterfall hike about 45 minutes north. We were very excited, but found when we got there that the trail to the falls was closed. How lame. We considered taking it anyway, but decided to just experience the other dusty trails that led elsewhere. The names of the trails were amazingly deceiving, and the scenery ended up being rather disappointing. Regardless, we enjoyed ourselves and did manage to find a itsy bitsy waterfall and some gigantic pine cones. Hopefully our next adventure yields better results.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Lu-Lu

So Lauren is a Senior this year. How crazy! She went to two homecoming dances, hers and her friend Jordans. They looked so cute. Jordan was a sport and took Lauren and three of her friends to his homecoming and then he and Lo went to hers the weekend afterward. As always is McFadyen fashion, I was still sewing parts of Lo's dress, the green one, when Jordan arrived. If our Mom doesnt make the dress, then it always has to be severely altered. Which is easier? Lauren was so excited to go with Jordan because she can wear heals and he will still tower over her since he is 6'7". I think her shoes only made her 7" shorter than him instead of the usual 10! Both her dresses were darling and so different from what the other girls were wearing not only in style, but so modest in comparison. She looked so great. Modest is really the hottest.

Apple Hill

While all the boys were gone for far too long, the girls had to get out and have some fun too. Especially me to keep my mind off of how much I wanted Devin to come home. Anyway, Friday the girls didn't have school so we went to Apple Hill with our good friends Mark and Angela and their crazy kids whom we just adore. I babysit them every week and Emily has been watching their kids since the twins, Cade and Carter, were born 2.5 years ago. They are just another addition to our family. Myles, the 4 year old, thinks Devin is my cousin even though he knows that we are married. Whenever I go to watch them he always wants to know where the other guy is. So funny. Anyway, we went to Apple Hill and it was beautiful and so much fun. We went all over and had the most amazing peaches and of course apples, not to mention apple doughnuts and homemade fudge. It was great. Maybe Devin wants to go soon?!

Mr. and Mrs. Newsom

One of my dearest friends from BYU-I and her love have finally tied the knot. They had a similar dating experience to Devin and I, although ours was much more traumatizing. Ace heard all about it since he was Sarah's religion teacher during the break-up. Ha Ha. However, they made it and got married Oct. 10. She looked beautiful and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Oh young love. HA HA. Are WE past that yet? Somebody let us know.

The KING Has Returned

My little, bigger than me, brother Chaddie is home from his mission to New Jersey. He came home on September 30 at 10:25pm. This post is long overdue, but the pics were on my Moms camera and I just kept forgetting. We were so excited for him to come home! We even missed him coming down the escalator. His flight had arrived when we got there and because the pilots came down before he did, we just assumed we had missed him so we went looking for him. My mom actually confused Chad for an Asian man and was so excited she took a picture. We were all laughing our heads off as this poor man was coming down. Chad has always been one to take his time and just mosied on down when we had all walked away to find him. I sobbed when I saw him, but quickly pulled myself together for fear of embarrasment. Chad and Devin had never met and from what I see they are getting along. I am so pleased. :) Chad is so awesome and it is so fun to have him home although the first thing he said to me was that I looked old. Whatever. He was in severe shock at the airport, but already he has gone on a few dates and rid himself of the comb-over. He still wears socks with sandals, but everyday makes more progress!

Soccer TIME!!!

Soccer rules the weekends around here for pretty much every family I know, but I think my family gets more action than anyone. There are at least 4 soccer games every single Saturday from the beginning of August until Mid-December. Talk about insane!! Anyway, we are loving it because it gives us something fun to do on Saturday if we can't think of something ourselves. Now that the weather has begun to cool off somewhat, the games are even enjoyable and we can pay attention to the sweet moves the McFadyens all know. I can't believe how amazing the kittens all are and it just makes me wonder what kind of amazing talent I could have had if I had been given the opportunity like the others. Anyway, we have most recently watched Lauren and Emily and hope to get pictures of Ryan and Sarah this weekend. Its hard to make it to all of the games and my parents usually have to choose who they are going to take. Usually Dad travels with Ryan and Mom goes with Emily. They are both playing competitive this year which makes the soccer schedule even more insane with up to 6 games on any given Saturday. Lauren usually is her own cheerleader but I have been trying to watch her games when she has time to fit a soccer game into her busy Saturdays because of taking the ACT a million times to prepare for BYU and going to homecoming so many times! We love soccer and we love our teams!! I especially love cheering for everyone because it always makes them laugh. Last week was great because Lauren was on defense and was basically standing around the whole time and once when I was talking to her, she got tripped. It was sooo funny. Love the game!!

Kitchen Trauma

Just hours ago, Devin and I were fixing dinner. We were having a lovely time enjoying the smell of chicken browning in the skillet for our delicious stir-fry when an accident occured. To begin with, I put the can of juice in a bad spot in the freezer, a really bad spot. Some of the juice we buy comes in a plastic container instead of the usual cardboard, and I guess it doesnt freeze well because we the freezer was opened disaster struck.... Grape juice concentrate all over the kitchen. OH NO!!! I was terrified thinking it was going to stain everything it touched, but so relieved seeing that it had not gotten on the carpet... a near miss. We really lucked out because a gillion paper towels and a few clorox wipes later, the floor, the walls and the fridge were juice and stain free and dinner carried on as usual. A lucky night for us and our first accident in the kitchen... maybe. Aren't we proud.