Thursday, April 24, 2008


So I know I have done way too many posts in the last few days, but today is Devy's 23rd birthday!! I cannot believe how dang young we are. When I think about all that we have accomplished this past year it just blows my mind. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to have Dev in my life. He knows it, but I want all of you to know it. Devin is my rock. I love him with all of my heart and more than anyone on this earth. I could not live without knowing that I am eternally bound to him through the covenants that we were able to make! There are a gillion reasons why I love Devin, but I am just going to try to name a few.

1. He makes me laugh like no one can. When we got married I started laughing in a way I had never laughed before. It is so silly and now I just laugh histerically all the time!!

2. He follows the Lord, and trusts the Lord in all things. Whenever I get discouraged, he reminds me that our lives are in the Lords hands and that he will not leave us ever. He loves our Father in Heaven and wants to do all that he can to be a witness of Christ. He loves sharing this wonderful gospel of Christ with others and wants us to go on missions together.

3. He loves me all the time. Even when I am a grouch-o he still loves me!

4. He is the stinking cutest boy in the entire world!!

5. He is very hard working and determined. When he decides he wants something he goes for it. He is so dang awesome in every way.

6. He has inspired me so much and strengthened me in many ways. He encourages me to be my best and has helped me to grow since the day that we started dating. I knew he was one of a kind and that I needed to be one of a kind as well.

7. He is the "MIRACLE CHILD". He finished college 1.5 years after he got home from his mission and worked full time the entire 1.5 years!! Miracle of Miracles!!

8. He is a good girl! Most of the time.

9. He really wants to be a daddy someday and he is sooo good with kids. It excites me so much to have our own family some day and see him raise them and take care of them.

10. His greatest desire in life is to make me happy. And you had better believe that he makes me happier than any other woman on earth!!


Chelsy said...

Happy Birthday Devin! 23 huh...young pup! I don't even remember my 23rd birthday anymore! haha!

Fun to read and catch up on your fun times lately! Love ya Ash...can't wait until we can all hang out sometime! Maybe Rand and I will make a trip up there this summer (I'll need a break from the camps!)

Heber and Chalonn said...

Cute post guys are so stinkin cute...and YOUNG!!!

David&Deena said...

This does a mothers heart good, Ash. I'm glad you found each when will you Skype us so we can say Happy Birthday! Mom C