Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So Sunday night I woke up at about 3:30 to a crying baby. What the?! Totally not a dream. We woke up nightly sometimes more than once. Insane. I definitely missed my sleep, but we made it on time for church, all 7 of us, at 8:59. I was so proud. I told Michelle that I didn't know if we would really make it to church, which she didn't seem too excited about, but we did it! I wanted to take a picture to document the momentous event, and to prove it toMichelle, but I forgot about itAwesome. I don't think Chantel was thrilled when I woke her up, but I was all she had and so she puffed her lips and let me get her dressed. I am sure to spare my feelings she refrained from laughing out loud. Then Sunday afternoon, we took Chantel toLindseys where she was going to be staying for the rest of the week and took the kids to the new turfed intermural fields. It was way fun even in the intense Rexburg wind. Look how adorable "DON" is kicking the soccer ball around the field. What a stud!! And Jake played catch with me and then with Brady. Dev just ran around the whole time playing with everyone. He is going to be such an awesome Dad!! Oh and check out how gorgeous the temple is in the background even though there is a pole through the middle of it.

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