Friday, May 22, 2009

Teach Me

So we want to do some stuff to our blog that we have no clue how to do. First off, we would like a picture where our heading is. And secondly, I would love to figure out how to make it so that I can see when all of my links last updated. How do I do this? Any pointers?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who will he be?

We are so excited to see who our little Braden looks like! When is he coming?!

Dear Baby

I am ready for you. Ready as can be. I have been telling you this for weeks now, but this time I really truly mean it. My body hurts everywhere. If I didnt know better, I would listen to my grandma and think that I had Pork Fever. I dont though, you are just a big guy in my little body. So I am ready for you. Even your daddy is ready. He asks me every night when he gets home from work if we are going to have a baby today. I keep having to tell him no, but I want to tell him YES!!! My bags are packed, your room is done, and little by little the house is clean and waiting. But I am in worse shape every day and it gets harder and harder for me to make sure the house is ready for you. I am even clean and waiting. I have been taking record numbers of showers lately. As your mother, I will tell you, I dont love taking showers. "Why mother?" I hear you ask me. I will tell you why. Its not the shower and the being clean that I hate, it is the getting ready once a shower has been completed and not only that it takes to much energy these days to participate in those two activities. But I want you to love me and to think that I smell like a beautiful flower so I shower! Plus I know you are going to smell like heaven when I meet you so I want you to feel the same way! I will tell you though after a shower, I am always ready for a nap. You have been sucking the life out of me. I don't really mind because I can tell that the energy you are stealing is making you strong, but I am ready to be alone. I mean for my body to be alone. I don't really love to share my tummy with you like I thought I would. Anyway, I am ready for you little man. And I can tell whenever you move, that you are ready to. You dig into me like nobodys business. Its not your fault. You cant see inside there so you dont know what is going on, but I can see you from out here and its not pretty. You are huge, or at least you appear to be from the outside. I guess these stretch marks that get worse every day are a right of passage like gray hair or wrinkles, but I am over them. If I see another one pop its ugly little face out on my tummy, I am going to cry. You make me emotional you know? Only your exit from your world and entrance into mine will tell us what we have been waiting to know; How big are you? What color are your eyes? What will you look like? Will we get a little dark haired one, or the typical blondie that we expect? We already love you no matter what, but we cant wait to meet you. Sometimes I feel like you are just going to fall right out. So come on already. I know you like being warm and cozy in there, but I am plenty warm and cozy out here. Trust me. Its hot out here. I go crazy and its only getting hotter by the day so you are coming at a good time. I have made you lots of blankets so that I can wrap you up tight. You will never know the difference from being in there and out here, except for all of the kisses and cuddling. We wont be able to get enough of you. Its much better out here. I promise you. There are lots and lots of other people besides us who are waiting for you too! Every time I see a friend I hear "Whens that Baby due!?" Honestly boy, when will you decide you want to come? You will love it out here. We think about what life will be like with you all of the time. When we are just sitting around or when we go to bed. I especially think about you when I go to bed. I dont sleep well, but your Dad sleeps like a rock. I am ready to share the not sleeping well with him. It will be a good day. So little Braden, We are ready. And if you really want to know, we would love for you to come today or Thursday or Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday. That works really well for our schedule. We hope to see you then buddy. We love you lots. Until we meet. XOXO.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Nursery

So things are all settled in Bradens room, minus the out of control closet, but thats not going to change. We are so happy with the end results and just hope that we can transfer the cuteness to the next place we live. We really scored some good deals on all of the decor. I dont think we paid full price for anything in his room, which I am quite proud of. It turned out so well, despite the few things in the room that I am not in love with.

1) the cute circles on the wall that we finally got to stick

2) the beautiful crib and bedding that we got on SALE!! I think we paid like $300 for everything and we bought a ton of bedding.

3)The amazing picture that my friend Debbie painted the night before my shower! I was so so excited to have "I am a child of God" in his room. I just need to figure out where to put the cute pictures of christ that I got to go somewhere on a wall.

4) The darling wall hanging that my mom made. Hello! It matches a quilt she made and a really cute little toy keeper she made. Such a talented mom I have.


1) the rubbermaid drawers instead of a dresser. Oh well, they were free and they fit in the space we had.

2) the out of control closet that really wont fit anything else in it

3) the gigantic bed. We have no place else to put it for now, and it hopefully will become one of my favorite things when we have a fussy little guy in the middle of the night.

Pizza Party

So we promised our primary class at the beginning of the year that we would have a pizza party if they brought their scriptures for 12 weeks in a row. Well about 15 weeks later, we pulled out the guns and had a fun party at a nearby park. Things got a little out of control when every kid (about 25 of them) at the park wanted to play "kick the can" and "ghost in the graveyard" with our class. Not to mention that I thought Devin was going to bust a screw in his toe the way he was running around. It was so funny and all the parents who were there with their kids were just loving it. I couldnt stop laughing especially when Devin got overwhelmed with the amount of kiddies involved. It was great! Next time we are having a swim party and only our class will be invited. We have to keep things under control!

The six kids in front are in our class and the others are just random park kids. Gotta love it!

Do you Have a Cape?

What the? Do I have a cape? No. My little sister Emily had super hero day at school. She is a fan favorite over at her school so of course she couldnt let anyone down and had to dress up. Since there was no cape to be found, I decided to make her one. I have a bin full of fabric, ribbon, and other crafting supplies and it just worked out! I can't believe it worked out so well, and I really wish she could have worn what I wanted her to, but oh well. My mom said she loved the cape and that she looked so cute. She became "SURFER GIRL"! Naturally. Of course she is the best surfer in the family. So who else would she be. Hopefully she will sport it next time we go surfing. Who knows what her super powers are, but at least she is the cutest super hero on the block. And I learned that I can whip out a cape in under and hour with my scrap fabric! Love this girl.