Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did You Know?

Baby #2 is a boy. The day that we found out it was a boy, Devin and Braden came inside with handfuls of dirt and worms and dumped them on our kitchen table. I had intense flash forwards to craziness, messes, and dirt all over the place and thought of my friends who have multiple boys. I don't know how it will be done. Braden has enough energy to knock me out cold at nap time so I can't imagine what two of him will be like, but bring it on boys. It is going to be so fun to have an automatic friend for Braden. January won't be here soon enough! Here is baby boy at 20 weeks.

Bishops Pumpkin Farm

Yesteray, we went and picked up Daddy for a long lunch break and a trip to the local pumpkin farm. We had such a good time, especially being with Daddy. We sure love having him around. And yeah thats just a pumpkin I am smuggling out under my shirt. No big deal.
Yup cutest 2 1/2 year old I know.

Braden loved, and was terrified by the goats. Sometimes he was squealing with joy, and the next minute he was cowering under our legs. It was so fun feeding the little goats.
Braden finally braved up and put some food in his hand to let the goats eat. I think that was the part he liked the most as long as there was only one or two little goats eating from his hand.
Daddy and Braden got sent to jail instead of to time out.


In October I got to go on a 3 day girls only trip to South Lake Tahoe. It was amazing to say the least. I got a ton of projects completed and enjoyed time with good friends, great food, lots of laughs and good sleep. It was such a blast. Then to top things off, all the girls left and Braden and Devin came up and met me for a little mini vacay. We had such a good time together seeing some of the sights and just enjoying a little time together away from home. Thanks to our friends the Prices for letting us stay an extra night. We had such a good time.

Sunday morning we spent some time at a lake front park feeding the ducks, geese, and obnoxious sea gulls.
Braden and I had a little movie date while Daddy watched the BYU game. It was AWESOME!! We should have gone and rented a movie though cuz I think I changed the channel like 40 times.
Ok seriously look how cute Braden is!!

Braden and Gigi

Braden is very lucky to have Gigi, my grandma, living close by to be able to play with often. He sure loves her and she enjoys him too. During General Conference, Gigi came over to watch with us and Braden "helped" her knit an afghan.

My Boys

In September we bid farewell to the beloved Bumblebee to make way for a new to us car that will be arriving after Thanksgiving. Yes its true. After 4 years of sharing our trusty '98 Accord we are taking the plunge and getting a second car. Hallelujah. Having one car is tough man!! After a month and a half Braden still asks every day when Devin leaves for work "Wheres your motorcycle Dad?"
Braden is into "dress ups" of sorts lately. There are always shoes all over my house. How he even manages to walk in Devins size 14's I have no idea. Somehow he does it though, and always declares as he is tromping down the hall that he is "going to work."
This summer we got Braden some sunglasses because he was complaining about it being "hot" in his eyes. For some reason he prefers them upside down.
I think that Braden will have a love of reading like his mommy. Every now and then when he isn't wrapped up in motorcycles, trains, cars and airplanes, I will catch him having quiet time with a book. Thats my boy!! I dream of one day having a reading room in my home with lots of comfy chairs and shelves full of books.

Grandma, Cranpa, and Genzelle

In the beginning of August G&G Christensen paid us a visit for a few days and brought Bradens new found buddy, Genzelle, Devins older sister Chantel. She was the perfect playmate for Braden, allowing him to climb all over her and harass her like crazy! Only a few times did she get annoyed with him. She was very sweet and now Braden asks where she is and when she is coming over again all of the time. We had a blast with G&G here and loved showing them our stomping grounds and having them in our home.
We ate a ton of great food and always enjoyed eating outside on "our patio"
We had lots of fun at the swimming pool on the days that we were home and really frieked Grandma out with Bradens crazy pool antics. She got nervous every time he jumped in by himself.

Braden has a thing for belly buttons and bellies and Chantelly was no exception to his fetish.
We had a great day in San Francisco, even though it was pretty cold and really windy. We did a lot of things that we had never done before so it was really neat.
Oh Cranpa!
Grandpa took us to Fairy Tale Town their first day here while Devin had to work. We had so much fun!! Braden and I had never been there before.
Look at that chubby face. And no I am not talking about mine. Braden is growing up so fast and is getting so skinny and boy like. I can't resist these pics of him still looking just a little bit like a baby.
San Francisco really is so enchanting. Even if you do see a crazy homeless woman licking the guardrails between the sidewalk and the sea.