Sunday, May 6, 2012

Masks, Hats and Helmets OH MY

First off. THANK YOU BLOG SPOT for finally becoming user friendly. After 5 years of blogging and hating the process, it finally isn't all that bad. And just in time, because with my little Sis Lauren in Ghana for the summer, I promised her I would update my blog since we can't Skype or send picture messages anymore. So plan on seeing this little ol blog updated once a week. Thank you Lauren. And who knows, maybe I will start liking blogging since the format makes sense now. THANK YOU BLOGGER!!!
 Braden has a helmet and mask obsession. Every time we go to Target we make a pit stop at the toy section, and a helmet or a mask gets put on and then brought with us around the store and then after Braden puts it on the belt to "pay it" I just tell the checker that we aren't getting it and they are super sneaky and they put it away. Its the best. He is so happy at the store and lots of times, he will just forget about it afterward, until we go to Target again and he knows exactly where the masks and helmets are. He really wanted this helmet when we were helmet shopping for him, but he has such a giant noggin, that we decided it wasn't the best fit since it isn't adjustable.
 Does anyone know where these goggles came from? Braden always gets them off the shelf in the garage, one of his favorite places to find new toys, and wears them around for a little while until he gets sick of pushing them back up on his nose.
 My very own Handy Manny. Braden loves going to work these days and thanks to a Bob the builder tool belt someone gave us, construction hat from Devins work, and tools from someone else, he gets to work in style. Lucky kid.
 This is a fan favorite this week. We have taken this mask pretty much everywhere we have gone, and if we don't take it with us, he looks for it the second we get home. Its not even ours. We are borrowing it from some big boys down the street. The best part about the Star Wars mask is that he can't really see out of those tiny eye slits so when he walks around he just flips it up on his head like a welding mask and does whatever he needs to do. Then when he is ready for some more Star Wars action, he flips it down again. I think I see a mask in this boys future. Also Braden is standing on his skateboard/ snowboard/ surfboard, whatever he sees fit for it to be at the time, a pad from a bench in our bedroom. I think it makes it onto the floor at least once a day.
 Braden and his best buddy Zack had a blast at the store the other day. Guess which one Braden is?! Oh did you guess the one in the pink hat? You are right!

Ay ay ay!! My little muchacho riding away into the sunset!
Braden and Ryder snacking in helmets. Everyones doing it!

 And if all else fails, Braden always has paper bags to make hats and masks out of. This kid just has it made.


Kimberly & Justin said...

Ashley! I can't believe how big he is! I feel like the last time I saw him he was just becoming a toddler! He's super cute!

David and Deena said...

But I Do like the tie he has on. Adorable family!