Monday, May 7, 2012

My Favorite Things

I use this blog kind of as a journal/ scrapbook for our family. I know I am not incredibly diligent, but I am trying and I post at least once a month, and I definitely catch up, so Id say, Im doing my best. I just went through my posts to delete drafts that didn't need to be posted, and came across a post from over a year ago, that for some reason never made the cut. It was called "My Favorite Things Today". As I read it over, I loved what I read. It was a joyful post with a list of 5 of my favorite things for the day. I think I might start a journal that way. I have only done well in a journal for maybe 6 months straight, and if I just hone in on 5 things, I think that might be do-able. And if one day I write more in it, then thats great for everyone! So here's to my 5 favorite things of each day.

1) Traegan slept last night until 6am! It was delightful!!
2) Braden had a play date at his friends this morning and I got to work on a few blog posts and go to Costco. Traegan also took a killer nap while Braden was gone and my house looked a million times cleaner that it did when I woke up this morning. My house always looks like a tornado blew through on Monday mornings. Oh well.
3) I ran into one of my favorite friends tonight at an unexpected event. It was fun to chat and laugh together.
4) I am pretty sure that I did like 12 blog posts to update my sis during her trip to Ghana.
5) Braden went swimming today, even though the pool was pretty dang cold, and he was in heaven.

Today was a great day. Tomorrow will be great too!


Chelise said...

BURP!! Ah, this was a delicious FEAST of blogposts!!! I woke up this morning at 4am hungry (again) and uncomfortable (always) to read your blog and I am so overjoyed to see all these darling picture of the boys...but it definatly makes me miss you!!!

David and Deena said...

some pretty wonderful favorites for the day. Love to see and hear what's going on over there.