Monday, May 14, 2012

It Starts

Well we broke out our swimming suits this week in spite of the freezing cold water. The hot temperatures and my desires to hold out on turning on the AC inspired our first swims. Today, 5 days of swimming in, and a now heated pool, Braden has taught himself to swim from place to place under water. I mean literally the kid can swim. He can barely barely get his head above water to take a breath, but nothing a few swimming lessons won't take care of. I thought he was drowning himself when he jumped in to the deeper end of our pool without floaties, but after I jumped in and got my pants wet tonight to save him, he did it again and made it to the shallow end in no time. The little stinker. He is quite the little fishy. Meanwhile, he is still a two year old. I think its pretty impressive.


Laura said...

We want to play with that fishy, fishy! When are you coming out to Colorado? Miss you! Love you, Laura

David and Deena said...

I believe you after watching him last summer...he is a natural in the water and unafraid. Cutie!