Monday, May 7, 2012

Workin at the Car Wash

For Devins birthday he got a carwash kit, complete with a hose. He has talked for a long time about how he hates when I pay someone else to wash our car and that he wants to wash our cars every Saturday. Did  I say cars? Yes I did. After 4.5 years of being a one car family, we got ourselves a family car. Having two  cars is the best, although having a car payment after 3.5 years of having our trusty '98 Accord paid off may not be. However, I am loving the free carwash I get every Saturday. And Braden loves it too! So Braden does the fun part of spraying the cars down, and then lets Dad do the dirty work. Funny boy. And yes Braden does sing the carwash song as he goes along which he learned from a movie called Shark Tale, that I told him is broken cuz he started wanting to watch it every day.

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David and Deena said...

Sweet lookin car! Congrats on the car and the car washers!