Monday, May 7, 2012

Mr T

Well almost four months in and I have not posted any of T Moneys month to month shots. Whoops. So here are a few for your enjoyment Lilo. (a nickname for my sis in Ghana). I'd say Traegan is a delight, but sometimes he isn't. Ha ha. He is way more difficult than Braden and I am sure all of my babies will be. Braden was sooooo easy. The poor guy has colic bad, and acid reflux, and he HATES being in the car unless my little sister Emily is in the back seat with him. He could care less if I try to sit back with him. He cry anyway. No fun for him and for us. Things are beginning to look up. I tried to ween him off the special formula he takes (I don't breastfeed because of the seizure medicine I take), and the Colic prescription, but after about a week and a half when he was around 13 weeks old, we realized he probably still wasn't ready. The poor little guy is having digestion problems up the wazoo. Luckily for the time being, everything appears to be normal with him, other than the infant digestion issues. He is super alert and loves being able to see the world around. Just like Braden, he doesn't really want to be cradled unless he is really tired. He wants to be in on the action. Thank goodness he is strong and I can carry him around in the Bjorn. He is super adorable when he is feeling good and is talking and being responsive to us like crazy and we are eating it up. Braden loves it when he can make Trae, as Braden has started to love making Traegan, smile. Braden is a great big brother and loves his baby so very much. Traegans favorite spots are his swing, when he is tired, his bed tucked in between two fluffy pillows on his side with binky in tow, or tucked in between my arm and armpit. We will have to get a pic of that one. Its the surefire way for him to fall asleep fast, if he doesn't have a tummy ache. Its about two seconds all snuggled in and he is out. He is definitely a snuggler when he is tired. He also loves being outside. If he isn't feeling good even if we are outside, he will grin and bear it. We take lots of walks now. We love this little one with all our hearts and are really enjoying watching him grow along side Big Brother Braden!

 Look at this little angel. These were the days. I enjoyed waking up with him in the middle of the night, thinking it wouldn't last long and that he would follow in big brothers footsteps and start sleeping through the night on his own. I was wrong.
 This is the furrowed brow we have come to know and love. From the beginning little mister has had a fairly serious demeanor. It will be interesting to see how these serious faces play out as we watch his personality develop.
The first time Traegan smiled was the best ever. With these serious faces he is always making, nothing beats a smile from him. He has the funniest smiles too. I guess he just has animated facial expressions. My siblings are always getting a good laugh just watching the faces he makes. :) He is a funny character. You'll notice he is not wearing a matching 3 mo onesie. It didn't fit at all. Oh well. I guess I will scrap the cute onesie idea and just do these diapered pics. They are cuter anyway right?

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David and Deena said...

All of them so cute. He is getting so fat. Boy I would like to hold those little boys!