Monday, May 7, 2012

A New Addiction

Our shoes. Braden takes shoes out of our closet all day long and tries to go places in them. One day Braden had his friend Matthew over to play and I could tell that they were in the closet so I listened in to what they had to say. They are so funny.
B: Here. You should try these shoes on. They are great.
M: They won't fit me. I like these.
B: These shoes aren't cool enough for me. (WHAT? Where did he learn that? ha ha)
M: They fit!! Lets go. Ive got my flashlight. (no flashlight) Theres a storm.
B: No. The storms outside. Hurry lets go see it.

At this point I dashed out of my room and tried not to laugh out loud at the two of them walking down my hallway in Devins sz 14 shoes. They each proceeded to find a push toy and tried getting up the stairs in the shoes. I think they ditched them about 3 steps up. Cute boys! I am a huge fan of play dates especially now that my role has significantly decreased. Its not babysitting Bradens friends anymore. Its just a party for B and a break for me. LOVE IT!!


Rachelle said...

Just showed Matthew these pics, he loved them and said, "Mom, Braden is so awesome!"

David and Deena said...

Funny and cute.