Monday, May 7, 2012

Whose kid is that?!

A while back I think in March we had some friends over for a swim in the "hot pool". It was way too warm that day and none of us lasted long out there. But Rozzi and Braden had a blast. 
 As we got ready to leave the pool, Bradens attire quickly went from this, 
 to this, as we arrived home. Oh well. He is three right? Why do boys love taking their clothes off? I keep finding Braden shirtless here and there with the claim that he is hot. He has started taking his shoes and socks off at church and has even been caught trying to unbutton his shirt during sacrament meeting. Whose kid is this?
Braden and his buddy Ryder shirtless at the park because they got their shirts "wet". Right!!


Danielle and Chad Selander said...

haha sienna is becoming a little nudist too! little boys just don't get cuter than your Braden!

David and Deena said...

He's related to Kalem & Paxton. And maybe that's how we all felt when we were 3 and hot. Don't remember. I know I will kick off my shoes! That one shot looks like someone else I know at age 3.