Monday, May 7, 2012

Bath Time

We love bath time around here. Its a good thing too probably with stinky boys taking over my house. These boys get one or two baths a day, sometimes more just cuz they like em!! Really its just the water that counts. Nothing else matters.
 Braden decided if his action figures needed a bath, then so did he. He turned the water on and got in all by himself. Genius!
 We have tried this a few times. It is always much harder than I think it will be and I have nixed it all together. Bathing an infant isn't as easy as bathing a child. I look forward to Traegan being able to sit up in the bath and be able to defend himself against the villainous big brother.
 Just a quick wash of the face before bedtime. No big deal. The soap was there right?
 I heard a ruckus in the bathroom one night and found out that Daddy had poured the bubbles in and they were taking over. Braden loved it of course!
 Id heard of adding food coloring to the water, but since Braden had stained his hands a few times, I was a little wary of trying it. But, it worked out great and he loved it! My tub and Braden skin turned out as usual.
This little monkey adores bath time. He is getting a little big for this cute little whale tub and gets water everywhere when he kicks his feet and flaps his arms like crazy, but even if he is super grouchy, a bath will always calm down. It is one of the few Traegan tricks that actually works. Thanks heaven!

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David and Deena said...

Cool water posts. Both boys are SO cute. I love it.