Monday, June 4, 2012

Fathers and Sons

Braden finally got to go camping with Dad at our ward Fathers and Sons campout. Braden had a heck of a time being a ruffian with his buds and was so excited about camping when they got home. We have talked about going again every weekend since then, because Braden is such an outdoorsman. They got to camp at the best campground I've ever heard of. 10 minutes from home on the property of a family in our ward. I am actually hoping that they will let us camp a time or two this summer. It definitely sounds ideal with Traegan.

 Braden loved sleeping in a sleeping bag. We haven't taken him camping since he was a crib sleeper at the beginning of last summer so I was a little worried he would be hard to get to bed, but Devin said he did great. We are going to have to get Braden a sleeping bag of his very own!
 The boys did a little fishing. Braden might tell you he caught a fish or two, but....
Whose kid is that running around with flip flops and no shirt on? Oh that is just the Christensen kid. Yeah it must be a Christensen thing because a few of Bradens cousins are the exact same way. I can't wait until next months Fathers and Sons, a new tradition that I am starting in my family of Dad taking the kiddos camping at least twice a summer. Its going to be my their favorite tradition ever!!

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David and Deena said...

Looks like a little people (and parents) haven. Yes for Fathers & Sons Outings.