Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome Liam!!

We just want to tell Candra and Deej how excited we are for them to bring Liam home. He is the cutest ever and we are so in love and can't wait to meet him at Thanksgiving.

We are also super excited for Ace and Mich to have "Brayden" (ha ha) here sometime in January or maybe if they are extra lucky he will wait until the due date. And excited again for Mat and Chanae to have baby number two on the way and arriving in April. Congrats to all the Christensen babys who were prayed here by Mom and Dad C when they were in Chile, but who all waited until Guatemala to come. :)So many babies!! We love it. That means lots of cousins!! Which sisto will be next?


David&Deena said...


DJ & Candra Probert said...

Devin. Te toca.

Spencer & Kylie Turley said...

cool baby.
girl i have no idea what a rowel is, those verification words are retarded.
all i know is that i'm hungry for a mean sandwich, a good steak, and a delicious dominos pizza and cheesy bread. i could also use a freakin taco. china doesn't got that goin on.

Taneil said...

Hey Guys!
How is CA? Are you loving the weather as we start to get COLD! Miss you

Charlotte and Jared Nelson said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so stinking excited for you guys! Being a mom is the greatest thing in the world!! They grow up SOO fast! Kylie is already starting to pull herself up and skoot around! AHH! Keep us updated please!

Kylie said...

someone needs an UPDATE