Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twilight Fever

I am a little behind the times I know. Last fall the girls that sat at my table in one of my classes talked about Twilight all the time. I just listened. But if we sat together now, I could full on be part of the discussion. I missed out. Anyway, I started Twilight in August and finished it in just a few days. Then New Moon in September with just a few days of reading. Now that it is October, I really want to begin Eclipse, but I am reading a few other books right now so I am making myself finish the others before I start devoting my every minute to Eclipse for a few days. Devin used to think it was all really lame, but then he came home from work and asked me if I had seen the trailer for the movie. I hadn't but he told me that I had to watch it because it looks really good. I am thrilled. He really actually wants to see the movie. Lauren and I even got Jordan to watch the trailer and he seems mildly interested as well. That Stephanie Meyers can even ring in the guys. Lucky us!!

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Danielle Selander said...

It's so true. Chad has admitted to wanting to see it too :) I read them this winter, because Chad's aunt made me take the first three home to read. I thought it sounded a little too sci-fi...but now I am a full on twilight lover.