Thursday, October 23, 2008

Waterfall Hike?

So Devin and I have decided to try to enjoy nature and the amazing weather that fall brings by taking some Saturday hikes, if of course Soccer season will permit. Anyway, Devin needed to break in his new hiking shoes for his backpacking trip so a few weeks ago we set out for some waterfall hike about 45 minutes north. We were very excited, but found when we got there that the trail to the falls was closed. How lame. We considered taking it anyway, but decided to just experience the other dusty trails that led elsewhere. The names of the trails were amazingly deceiving, and the scenery ended up being rather disappointing. Regardless, we enjoyed ourselves and did manage to find a itsy bitsy waterfall and some gigantic pine cones. Hopefully our next adventure yields better results.


David&Deena said...

Did it make you miss Mesa Falls and Rexburg? You both look great!

Chelsea Nicole said...

We miss you guys. This is Dave Beckstrand by the way.. ha. Be sure to find that scenery in Northern California!

Spencer & Kylie Turley said...

cute pictures. i like hiking i think it is very fun and awesome. okay.