Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kitchen Trauma

Just hours ago, Devin and I were fixing dinner. We were having a lovely time enjoying the smell of chicken browning in the skillet for our delicious stir-fry when an accident occured. To begin with, I put the can of juice in a bad spot in the freezer, a really bad spot. Some of the juice we buy comes in a plastic container instead of the usual cardboard, and I guess it doesnt freeze well because we the freezer was opened disaster struck.... Grape juice concentrate all over the kitchen. OH NO!!! I was terrified thinking it was going to stain everything it touched, but so relieved seeing that it had not gotten on the carpet... a near miss. We really lucked out because a gillion paper towels and a few clorox wipes later, the floor, the walls and the fridge were juice and stain free and dinner carried on as usual. A lucky night for us and our first accident in the kitchen... maybe. Aren't we proud.


David&Deena said...

Oh the memories! But you got through that trauma together...and that is important.

Aaron & Michelle said...

So good to see new pictures. We miss you so much. We are glad that you are having such a great time with your family. See ya soon. Can't wait.