Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The KING Has Returned

My little, bigger than me, brother Chaddie is home from his mission to New Jersey. He came home on September 30 at 10:25pm. This post is long overdue, but the pics were on my Moms camera and I just kept forgetting. We were so excited for him to come home! We even missed him coming down the escalator. His flight had arrived when we got there and because the pilots came down before he did, we just assumed we had missed him so we went looking for him. My mom actually confused Chad for an Asian man and was so excited she took a picture. We were all laughing our heads off as this poor man was coming down. Chad has always been one to take his time and just mosied on down when we had all walked away to find him. I sobbed when I saw him, but quickly pulled myself together for fear of embarrasment. Chad and Devin had never met and from what I see they are getting along. I am so pleased. :) Chad is so awesome and it is so fun to have him home although the first thing he said to me was that I looked old. Whatever. He was in severe shock at the airport, but already he has gone on a few dates and rid himself of the comb-over. He still wears socks with sandals, but everyday makes more progress!


David&Deena said...

He looks like the family. We will be happy to meet him one day. so happy he and Devin like each other:)

Chelsy said...

I LOVE CHADWICK! I'm excited for him to come to Provo and actually see him this time (as opposed to his freshman year here!) And Rand found out that Trent's classroom is on the same floor as he may see him occasionally! So FUN!