Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Lu-Lu

So Lauren is a Senior this year. How crazy! She went to two homecoming dances, hers and her friend Jordans. They looked so cute. Jordan was a sport and took Lauren and three of her friends to his homecoming and then he and Lo went to hers the weekend afterward. As always is McFadyen fashion, I was still sewing parts of Lo's dress, the green one, when Jordan arrived. If our Mom doesnt make the dress, then it always has to be severely altered. Which is easier? Lauren was so excited to go with Jordan because she can wear heals and he will still tower over her since he is 6'7". I think her shoes only made her 7" shorter than him instead of the usual 10! Both her dresses were darling and so different from what the other girls were wearing not only in style, but so modest in comparison. She looked so great. Modest is really the hottest.


David&Deena said...

So cute and so glad that you can sew and adjust things like that! What a girl!

Katie & Brady said...

Oh my gosh!! Tell lo I love that blue dress!!! lovely! just lovely!