Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Soccer TIME!!!

Soccer rules the weekends around here for pretty much every family I know, but I think my family gets more action than anyone. There are at least 4 soccer games every single Saturday from the beginning of August until Mid-December. Talk about insane!! Anyway, we are loving it because it gives us something fun to do on Saturday if we can't think of something ourselves. Now that the weather has begun to cool off somewhat, the games are even enjoyable and we can pay attention to the sweet moves the McFadyens all know. I can't believe how amazing the kittens all are and it just makes me wonder what kind of amazing talent I could have had if I had been given the opportunity like the others. Anyway, we have most recently watched Lauren and Emily and hope to get pictures of Ryan and Sarah this weekend. Its hard to make it to all of the games and my parents usually have to choose who they are going to take. Usually Dad travels with Ryan and Mom goes with Emily. They are both playing competitive this year which makes the soccer schedule even more insane with up to 6 games on any given Saturday. Lauren usually is her own cheerleader but I have been trying to watch her games when she has time to fit a soccer game into her busy Saturdays because of taking the ACT a million times to prepare for BYU and going to homecoming so many times! We love soccer and we love our teams!! I especially love cheering for everyone because it always makes them laugh. Last week was great because Lauren was on defense and was basically standing around the whole time and once when I was talking to her, she got tripped. It was sooo funny. Love the game!!

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Spencer & Kylie Turley said...

oh man i miss the soccer days! i really miss the soccer days! quit rubbing it in!