Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 Days In

Well we have had Traegan home for 8 days now. It has been so much fun cuddling him and loving him so much. Oh but wait.....

This is what our bathroom countertop has looked like for the past 7 days. NOT the way I'd dreamt of starting our new life together, thats for sure. Not one of us has gotten by this last week without being medicated.

Braden: cough strips, nighttime cough meds, tylenol, delsym, ibuprofin

Devin: NyQuil, Robitussin Cough and Cold, Tylenol Cough and Cold

Traegan: gas drops.... wondering if he will do better with Sensitive, low lactose formula??

Ashley: Ibuprofin, Stool Softener, Seizure meds

Poor Braden caught a cold over last weekend, and had a terrible cough. It was so hard having Braden so sick and trying to protect our sweet little newborn from getting sick. Braden loves Traegan so much, and it was so hard to keep Braden away from him. We loaded up on hand sanitizer every 5 seconds, and really had to crack down on Braden coughing into his arm and wiping his nose on a tissue. It has been a really hard transition for me with Braden because he has been acting up, which I presume is normal, but in addition he has been super sick so I have had to be so strict with him being around the baby. He just wants to love on Traegan all the time, but when he was contagious, I was so paranoid about Traegan getting sick. It was really hard. Not to mention, Devin had to go back to work on Monday so I had to ask for a lot of help from my Mom. Thank goodness she has made herself so available to me. She has been the best ever.

We decided on Tuesday night, after Braden ended up sleeping half the night in our bed, with a high fever and an awful cough, that we should probably sleep in seperate rooms. So Devin and Braden have slept in our bed for the last 4 nights, and I have slept in Bradens room with Traegan to hopefully prevent myself from getting sick and to hope that we all would get a little sleep with only one kid waking us up. Welcome to having 2 kids right? It has been quite the emotional week for me. Now of course since Devin was sleeping with Braden, Devin has caught a cold and is in the brunt of it now. I really hope that we can keep little Traegan healthy. We will see.

However, on an up note, we really are loving our new family! We feel so blessed to have been able to bring another healthy little boy into this world. I recently realized what a blessing we have brought to Bradens life by deciding to have another baby. Until a few weeks ago, I hadn't thought about the fact that we were giving Braden a sibling, a brother. Devin and I both come from big families and are close with our siblings so it has really made a big impact on my heart to realize that we have given Braden a lifetime friend. And they are already best buddies. We are so excited as parents to watch these boys grow up together and play together. We love our new life and are really looking forward to our future together.


Rachelle said...

I love this photo, Braden looks so Happy and look at your sweet baby already looking up at him! LOVE it!

kcmhubbard said...

Braden and Traegan look soo precious! I hope you and baby stay healthy! It's so hard when you have a new born and you're sick.
Love you guys!

David and Deena said...

I'm so sorry you have had so much challenge here at the beginning. So thankful your mom has been close. The pictures is adorable...Traegan looking up at his big hero friend.

Chelise said...

I love that picture! Give us more!