Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Welcome to 2012! We are very excited about this year, as it is promising lots of changes for our growing family! I have made it my goal to blog once a week this year, and while I am two weeks behind so far, I hope to catch up and stay caught up despite becoming a mother of 2 wild boys any day now. :) So for catch ups sake I will share a little something that is BIG NEWS in the Christensen household.

Braden is potty trained and is pretty much independantly so although he does need help getting up, I will help him get up forever as long as I am not changing his nasty poopy diapers or cleaning his gross accidents up. Don't remind me that I am starting over with diapers any day now. Its a lot easier to do when they are babies in my opinion. This post may be TMI for some of you, but since my blog is sort of a family journal, I am documenting it anyway so skip ahead.

I had tried once before to see if he was ready and after a day of tantrums and fits it was very apparent that he didn't care. However, less than a week before we were to leave for Arizona for thanksgiving, he expressed interest and who am I to turn down a kid who wants to go in the toilet so the potty training began just in time for a trip out of town. It may have been a little pointless considering he wore pull ups the whole time we were out of town, and then Devin and I had to leave town a few weeks later and left him with my family on a very busy weekend for them, where he wore pull ups most of the time again, but by New Years he was just about completely potty trained after a lot of effort to get him to poop on the toilet consistently. He is quite the champ and will tell himself "Good Job Braden" after he gets off the toilet. I am crossing my fingers that he will want to keep being a big boy after boy #2 arrives and that we won't have any back tracking. Way to go Braden! We are so proud of him and the big boy that he is becoming.

On another big boy note, last week, I decided to teach Braden the letter "Bb". We did an activity with the letter every day and went to the library and got a few books with lots of B's in them. My teaching style worked well and over the weekend as we were headed out and passing the stores around our house, Braden was spotting B's all over the place. It was such a fun feeling as a parent to see that important part of learning click in his little mind. This week we decided to stay on B since baby boy is coming, although I do want to switch letters every week. We love our little man and we think he is such a little smarty pants!

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