Monday, January 16, 2012


I don't know who took the pictures on Christmas, but it wasn't me. Unless they are on a different memory card that I can't find. Which could be a possibility, but since I hav
e the pictures from Christmas Eve, who knows. Anyway, Christmas was delightful. I will say that I am never again going to have a January baby, simply because December is far too exhausting to be 8 months pregnant. I barely made it through and took lots of naps forcing Braden to nap with me. I was actually a little relieved once Christmas was all over.

My thoughts turned often to Mary, the mother of Jesus. With all of the car and airplane travel that we did in November and December, I just cannot imagine how she rode a donkey, or probably walked at times, the road to Bethlehem. She must have been blessed to be somewhat comfortable to make it all that way in such conditions. My heart turned often to the amazing blessing of being able to be a mother and care for these little spirits that our Father in Heaven sends to us, and I was grateful for that perspective this Christmas season.

So while I didn't get many pictures, I did get a few on Christmas Eve. Braden was a shepherd in his first every Nativity re-enactment and he did a marvelous job, until he got his cane stuck in his mouth and had to be rescued. It was cute funny. We all got a good laugh at his poor expense. And yes he does have red eye really bad in this picture. When I make my blog book I may go back and edit it, but today I am 9 months pregnant and having a baby any day so I am in a rush to update until today. :)

We all got some sweet loot for Christmas. Bradens favorite I think is his basketball hoop that Santa gave him. He likes to pretend he is Jimmer and is quite the little ball player. Daddy is currently working on teaching Braden to dribble although I'm not sure how well that is working out. He loves shooting baskets and always brings his hoop into the living room when Daddy is watching BYU or Kings games and shoots and tells us "Mommy cheer for me". He is such a funny kiddo. We love him!