Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Baby!!

He is 7 months old now. Exciting for him, embarrassing when I think about how I was supposed to have lost all of his weight by now. Oh well. Totally worth every pound right?! So you all know we think Braden is the best, which he is. But lets just do a little re-cap on some current events in Braden Land! Braden loves the shower, but he cant figure out why he can never get the water to stay in his hands. Maybe some day he will give up, but for now its the cutest thing ever watching him grab the stream of water over and over and over and over.

The many faces of Braden Raden. He makes some of the silliest faces! Also, his jumpy seat is his bff. They spend lots of time together while I sew and I cant help but laugh my head off when he is bouncing because he is such a spaz! Love this kid!
Uh how stinking cute is this kid? Now that he is sitting up really well, I decided it was time for him to get a real bath without his whale pal. For the first time ever, he cried when I got him out. I havent done it since, but man did he love it. He splashed water everywhere!!
Check out this nappy hair. Booga was due for haircut #2. Once again, it didnt even phase him. All of his dark hair is gone-zo and he is a full on toe head. Will it last?
Check out the belly on this on! Oh my gosh! Will he ever be able to crawl or will this belly weigh him down forever?! Devin put him on his hands and knees the other day and Braden thought it was pretty funny until he discovered how tiring it was to be that way. Lucky for us though because we are trying to get him to hold out until we move.


Alicia said...

he really is just the cutest little guy!! and the fact that you dress him in mustaches makes me love him even more!! give him a snuggle for me! i miss you lady!

Laura said...

You are moving? Where? You little guy is definitely ADORABLE! Keep the pictures coming! ~Laura

Jeff and Eliza said...

First of all, by your title I thought you were going to announce you were pregnant again. Whewf! I couldn't handle that! And second, of all....how funny is that bum? And that belly? Love it!

Court and Tim said...

I love the belly hanging over!

Karlena said...

That belly will stretch out by the time he is standing head to head with his father. He has the best eyes. Delightful days.

Katie & Brady said...

Yeah I totally understand the weight thing! I mean I haven't seen you in awhile and I am sure you look better then you think but Marshall is almost 7 months and I still look.. well not as good as I wish to!! haha