Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love is In the Air

So with Valentines Day just around the corner, and me still being inflicted with the ol' craft bug, I turned Rachelles project into my own. Thanks to only having one child, I was able to get this amazing wreath done really quickly. The picture doesnt do it justice. It is so beautiful and I am thrilled with the results and I want to make a few more to add to the beautiful-ness. Yay for crafts and Yay for Rachelle for showing me this beautiful idea. If you want to make one too, the idea came from I found some great hints to make things a bit easier. I just bought 1/3 yd of red felt and 1/3 yd of the maroonish felt. I cut as many circles as I could squeeze onto the felt, which turned out to be about 75 on each piece and I used almost all of them. Instead of cutting a circle to trace, I just traced a cup. It made things go much quicker. It was easy peasy and so fun. Also, if you are interested in making the Christmas pillows, send me an email and I will help you figure that out! :)


ALi said...

cute! I might need to make this, be thinking of another good craft because i want to start our monthly craft night in Feb.

Karlena said...

You do have fun with your crafts! This is beautiful. Where do you put it?

Katie & Brady said...

Sweet! That is pretty cool! I need to made some Valentines Day Decorations.. I don't have any yet.