Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Forgotten Pillows

I did it folks. I made my pillows. I wasnt sure if they were going to make it to this life, or if they would remain wilted 1/4 yds of fabric forever; However, I put the pedal to the metal and whipped out these babies in a mere few days! I finished my set, and even got started on a set for my mom. I am in love with the end result and cant wait to get started on my next lovely project which is already in the works...... Rachelle!! I still have the "give" pillow to make for my mom, and the extra set that I may or may not do, but regardless of what else gets finished, my set is complete and my money was well spent! Yahoo! So while my poor sicky husband is snoring up a storm, and the humidifier is ready to explode like old faithful, I will sit here and rest knowing that my Christmas pillows got done one month too late.... or did they get done eleven months early?! (Note: The lighting is terrible. The colors are red and green, and I didn't stuff the pillows for the sake of saving space in my parents already stuffed to the max garage!)

*Shout out to Ali, Kristi, Heather who are all having baby boys in May and June! Braden is pumped for all his new buddies! Also we cant wait to find out the identity of Baby White who has chosen to remain anonymous for nine months!*


Ashley said...

The pillows turned out darling! Good job! That Braden is just too cute for words. I love the picture of him in the shower.

Thanks for sharing!

Court and Tim said...

I have to leave some element of surprise for you people!

Our Family said...

you are quite the pro! holy cow those are the cutest pillows and book i've ever seen! your christmas gift to aaron and michelle was so darn cute too! i LOVED it! how did you do that dish soap bottle! that was such a fun idea! have a good day!

The Higginbothams said...

I want those pillows! They are so cute and fun. I also love the color book. What a lucky kid that blond-haired Braden is!
I heard from Ashley M that you're waiting to close on a house. I'd love to hear all about it if you want to email me.

Katie & Brady said...

THose are so adorable!! I didnt know you were making those!

Katie & Brady said...

THose are so adorable!! I didnt know you were making those!