Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well folks winter struck the small mormon community of Rexburg, Idaho in a big way. Nearby areas have had to declare a state of emergency because of the overload of snow. We have really been feeling the effects of it, but have also been happy to embrace the snow. Mom C says the only reason I am liking the snow is because now I have somebody to cuddle up with. I can't help but think she is right. Last winter I cried the first time it snowed here. I think Devin thought I was a big loser, but I couldn't help it. I even got new snowboarding pants and gloves. We have been searching tirelessly for a coat, but to no avail. Maybe next year. Anyway, we have had a lovely time trying to outfit the house to handle the large amounts of snow from knocking off giant icicles that reach from the second story to the ground and pushing humongous chuncks of ice and snow off the roof to prevent leaking. It has been quite the adventure! Have a look!

I got pegged in the face with an icicle and Devin just laughs forever. Phyllis, our neighbor and grandma told us that we needed to knock the icicles down or they would pull our roof down. In the process, I nearly knocked my nose off. I thought I had a broken nose. I of course didn't but it sure hurt. I wanted to cry, but thought I would be brave since I still had to get myself back inside and through the obstacle course that is our backyard junk pile.

When the house started leaking, just as I had suspected, Devin and Ace got up on the roof and started pusing the snow off. Sunday, it got really warm and tons of the snow and ice on the roof starte to melt so in order to protect our home, Devin got up there again and knocked tons of ice and snow down. It was awesome. I think he really just wanted to wake me up from my Sunday nap, but we can just say it was for safety reasons. It was insane how much ice was up there. I can't believe our roof didn't cave in.

Here is a big mound of snow and ice chunks being pushed of by the hero of my heart. What a brave guy. He said as he would push of a chunk he would feel himself slowly slipping to the edge. Needless to say there is not a ton of traction up there.

This is the gigantic ice overhang that was coming off our roof waiting to fall on some unsuspecting bypasser and bring them to their death. Devin told me to be careful as we were walking under one day, but I reminded him that if we were hit, that at least we would die together. The thought did not seem to console him.

This large thing is a chunk of ice. Notice the ladder next to it. It was huge, the size of a large child. We were living in a treachorous danger zone. Scary!!

Oh dont worry. We just have huge sheets of ice on the outside of our house. No biggie. It will all melt sooner or later right?!

As I was walking around the house in my rain boots and shorts, (it really was quite warm on Sunday, like 33! It was so awesome!) I feel through a pile of snow that went all the way past my knees. The snow got in my boots and since I had shorts on and no socks, it made me pretty cold, so at that point I went back inside and decided not to go trampling through the snow anymore.

Look how cute this kid is! Love love love him! After a hard day of pushing snow, he was ready to come down and have a little dinner, but instead of coming down gracefully on the ladder, the ice gave him a run for his money.
Just kidding. He didn't really fall off. He was just pretending, but it did look pretty funny as he was rolling all the way down the hill landing in a heap at the bottom. Funny guy!

Well we are sorry that you are all missing the Rexburg fun, but we are more sorry that we aren't missing it. We are more than ready for spring and summer to get here!

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