Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We Aren't Lazy, Just Utilizing Our Gadgets!

We have had a great time with some interesting doo dads lately and Ace made fun of us a bit, but I think it is the greatest invention ever so I would like to share it with you. This friends is the COCOMOTION!! Its the best winter fun anyone could ever have. The cocomotion puts and end to overflowing, overheated hot chocolate! Its incredible. It heats the milk, or water, to the right temperature and even mixes it for you! The end result: A frothy, heated beverage to warm your soul! Imagine the joy this machine brings to our home every frosty Rexburg night! What an investment. Ok, so we didn't buy it. It was one of those un-returnable wedding gifts, but seriously, this thing rules! I really do love it. If by chance you have a spare $20, and you live in what to some is considered the outlying regions of the North Pole, or maybe you are just an avid hot chocolatgo ahead and invest in one. What can it hurt? To folks like us, $20 is just pocket change. You could find that much money between the couch cushions, in the ashtray of your car, around town, geeze, you could find enough money to have your own COCOMOTION just about anywhere! YEAH! ps do not confuse the cocomotion with the once brand new dance the locomotion. while they are both easier than learning your abc's one is a dance and one is a beverage machine.

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