Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I have these way cute pics that I have wanted to post from a long time ago, but I get wrapped up and then forget what I want to do. So I found these and remembered that I wanted them on the blog. So first, after Devin and I graduated, my sweet Mom stayed behind for a week to help me begin getting on top of the house. We (she, mostly) painted a ton and did other odd stuff around. The work seemed endless at the time and she helped out soo much. She was so great to just put up with me. I still was not feeling to great from the change in my meds and I was a grump a lot, but she was very sympathetic and understanding. What a Mommy I have. So one night we were laughing because of her Kenny Rogers christmas cd that she loved, and then somehow Dev broke it. We tried to get a good picture, but my silly mom is not an actress and she just couldnt stop laughing to try and look displeased. She is so dang cute! Then I got this cute pic of my boo sleeping. I tried to wake him by sticking the camera right in his face, but that didn't work. He was a tired little kid. Love him.


DJ & Candra Probert said...

I LOVE the new blog look. Way to go!! Very you.

Louder Family said...

Of course I know who you are. I am so glad that you found my blog! How did you by the way? You look fabulolus! It is good to see old friends, lets keep in touch!