Monday, February 11, 2008


So once we got back from Christmas in Cali, I couldn't find the camera. I had put it in the case with my other camera which makes perfect sense, but still couldn't find it. So here are some pics from our Christmas adventures in good ol' Roseville.
We had a lovely Christmas Eve at my Uncle Garys in Orangevale with the McFadyen side. It was Dev's first time and I could tell he was a little nervous, but when I showed him the tricycle that he could ride there, he warmed right up and fit right in. He was definitely in his element. A few days after Christmas, we had the chance to go to San Fran. We had so much fun at Golden Gate park longboarding and RipSticking and watching the workers clean up the beach from the oil spill a few months previous. We saw a dog in a doggie wheel chair and a bunch of kids who looked like they had never seen water before. We even got to do a little bit of cheer stunting. It brought Lo and I back to our good old RHS cheer days of yore. One of the days we were in RSVL we took the kids rock climbing at the RSVL Sports center. Like always, Em and Sarah were the best and got past the advanced level and nearly broke some speed records set by boys. Those crazy girls. Devin and Ryan got their manhood hurt a little when the girls got over this really hard overhang that they couldn't make it past, but we all know it is just because they have more body mass and are taller than those little girlies.

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Marc and Stacy said...

You're too cute! I wish we had seen each other at Christmas time!
Your hair looks adorable!